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Supporting a newly potty trained child whilst on holiday

Whilst it is usually helpful to commence potty training several months earlier than a planned holiday, sometimes that it not always possible. Perhaps an opportunity for a spontaneous trip arises, or your child started to take the lead and choose to lose the daytime nappies a short time before you are going away. Although this may be inconvenient, sometimes parents like to keep the momentum going and carry on with potty training when away from home.

So how can we support a newly potty trained child whilst they are on holiday?

Here are some helpful tips and advice which may help you know where to start:

1. Absorbent Seat Protector

Whilst an absorbent seat protector is not recommended for car seats (it is advised that nothing is added to car seats for safety), they can have so many other uses. For example, they are great to place in a buggy or on a seat of a plane. Then if your child does experience an accident, you just need to wash it, dry it and use it again, without any worry about having a wet seat

2. Pack muslin / burp clothes

These are easy to pack, light weight and so easy to wash and dry (even in the absence of a washing machine) yet so absorbent and excellent for cleaning up urinary accidents

3. Offer frequent opportunities to use the toilet during your travels

It can be helpful to practice using public toilets before you leave just so they do not seem too daunting if they are using them for the first time when away.

4. Use ear defenders

If your child is auditory sensitive and doesn’t like the sound of noisy hand dryers, then child friendly ear defenders can be useful if using public bathrooms.

The Reer SilentGuard Kids Capsule Ear Protectors are a great option for children aged 24months+ and a light weight and compact, perfect for on the go.

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5. Show them where to go

When you arrive at your travel destination, show your child where the bathroom is. It could be helpful to show them you are using the toilet before expecting them to try it.

6. Keep fluids up whilst you are away

It is a myth that limiting liquids helps with potty training. Healthy bowels and bladders need good fluid intake (water is perfect) and hydration is particularly important if you are somewhere warm. Adequate water intake can help prevent UTI’s and constipation, both of which can hinder potty progress,

7. Bring familiar items

Familiar items, such as a potty they are familiar with will help little ones continue to potty train in a new location.

The Potette is such a helpful item as it is light weight and folds flat, so even fits into travel luggage. Not only can it act as a regular potty that allows you to dispose of the waste with ease, but it also becomes a child’s toilet seat helping them to feel secure whilst using a normal toilet. It can literally be used anywhere!

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Finally… don’t forget to enjoy yourselves!

Potty training can be full of surprises and can sometimes feel stressful if things don’t go to plan. But like with any major milestone in your baby’s development it is important to celebrate the small wins and be patient. You’ve already achieved so much, you know you can do it again!

So, make sure to enjoy your travels with your little one, no matter where you are in your potty training journey!