Making Parenting Easier
Making Parenting Easier

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Inspired by three dads Nick, Matt and Matt – Rockit is on a mission to help babies sleep longer!

Founder Nick discovered that his three month old daughter would always wake when her pram stopped moving. After some time, he soon discovered that he was not the only parent experiencing this issue. This is where the Rockit sleep solution began.

The first protype of the much-loved Rockit was tested on his daughter’s pushchair and Nick discovered that soothing side-to-side motion helped to keep her asleep even when they stopped moving.  After this revelation the two Matt’s joined to help develop the Rockit you know today. But it didn’t end there…

Rockit now includes advanced range of portable sleep aids that are making life easier for tired parents across the world. Find out more about the Rockit range below.

White Noise Sound Machine

3 soothing sounds – white noise, rain and ocean waves.

Ultrosonic Humidifier

The Zed sleep aid mimics the soothing low frequency vibrations that babies experience on car journeys.

Red Sleep Support Light

The pocket-sized Wooshh produces 8 calming sounds to enough babies to sleep soundly… anywhere. 

Extra Relief & Relaxation

Inspired by sleep science, the Rockit range has been approved by parents and babies across the globe.

I've been out to restaurants and eaten with BOTH HANDS free!
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I've managed to leave Luke asleep in the pram after long walks, which has meant some quality time with Jack. I've even been in noisy shops where I've had to wait around for a bit and he's carried on sleeping like a... baby!
So handy!
New Mummy
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I can't rate this highly enough. It was a life saver and still is now that my baby is 5 months. Bought it when she was a newborn.
Love it!
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One of the best products I've bought for my little one!

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  • Rockit Wooshh – Portable Sound Machine

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  • Rockit Zed – Sleep Soother & Night Light

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