Making Parenting Easier
Making Parenting Easier

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Going out with babies and toddlers often requires a lot of heavy supplies. These items are usually placed onto the handles of your stroller, which puts it at risk of falling once your little one has left the seat.

BuggyWeights are the simple fix to this problem. The unique weighting system prevents the buggy tipping over from the extra weight of additional shopping bags and other items. No more tipping buggies!

Universal Fitting

The simple design of the BuggyWeights fits on to all strollers, prams and buggies.

Counterbalances Weight

Allows for up to 6kg (13lbs) of additional weight – the same as a gallon of paint!

Stress Free Attachment

The BuggyWeights attach to your buggy instantly with an easy to use Velcro fastening.

Safety First

Incorporate a Scotchlite reflective material for increased visibility at night.

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Stops any nasty accidents.
Handy to prevent buggy tipping
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When I added the buggy board on, it made me feel more secure that my toddler wouldn't be able to tip the buggy while she held on. Didn't add much weight to the buggy when folded either.
One of my best ever baby buys
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I can load so much shopping on the stroller and it still won't tip over now! So many friends have brought them too.

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