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Benefits of using a humidifier

The recommended humidity level for a child’s bedroom is between 40 – 50%. This can be difficult to achieve especially in cool weather with the addition of central heating which may promote dry air.

Many parents find using a large humidifier for dry air in their baby’s nursery or bedroom can help promote optimal humidity. It is recommended that a cool mist humidifier, such as Crane 4-in-1 Humidifier with Sound Machine is used in preference to a warm mist option.

Some of the great benefits of humidifiers include:

– Reduce the spread of the cold and flu virus

Viruses appear to thrive in dry conditions. Increasing humidity levels may therefore reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading. Therefore a humidifier, acts as a potential safeguard against the likelihood of the cold and flu virus spreading in little one’s environment.

– Offer relief for cold and flu symptoms

However, if your little one is experiencing cold and flu symptoms, you can use a cool mist humidifier for cough, maintaining optimal humidity levels. This will support the lubrication of nasal passages promoting breathing by helping to loosen congestion. You can also use a humidifier for asthma, a blocked nose, and other cold and flu symptoms. 

Perfect for all the family, The Crane Humidifier alleviates congestion, coughs and colds, dry throats, dry skin conditions, and tiredness.

– Promote sleep

Discomfort caused by skin conditions coughs, and colds can negatively impact a baby’s sleep. Managing these conditions may therefore provide relief and prevent disrupted sleep. 

Using child-approved essential oils in an aroma diffuser humidifier may promote further benefits. For example, using lavender oil can help to reduce sleep disturbances in infants at the start of sleep, by maintaining sleep and whilst transitioning between sleep cycles. Studies also suggest that those who had been bathed in lavender cried less and spent more time in a deeper sleep. 

A nursery humidifier with the additional benefit of white noise may also support sleep by blocking out environmental sounds which may wake them. This helps recreate the sounds of the womb, which may provide comfort to the baby and act as a helpful sleep cue. Therefore, helping the baby associate the familiar noise with the onset of sleep. 

– Support baby’s sensitive skin

Babies and young children can be particularly sensitive to skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, and cradle cap. For the first 4 weeks of a baby’s life, it is not recommended that they use any creams or lotions, due to the development of the skin barrier (unless recommended by a health care professional). This can make it difficult to soothe such conditions – hence the importance of using a humidifier for eczema. 

Additionally, dry air may promote dry skin which can further irritate such conditions. The addition of a humidifier for dry skin can promote optimal humidity levels, which can help retain skin moisture to reduce such symptoms. 

– Provide relief for cough and/or phlegm

A cool air humidifier can provide moisture to the respiratory system, helping to release phlegm, thus providing relief from a cough. 

An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is therefore an excellent option for a baby’s nursery. If you are concerned about the health and well-being of your child, always consult a medical professional. A humidifier should be used complimentary to medical advice, not as a substitute. 

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