This morning Selina was able to talk a little about the dangers of children falling out of windows on BBC Radio Berkshire– and with 4000 under 15’s being taken to hospital every year from such a fall, parents are obviously right to be concerned. So what can they do?

For younger children, nothing beats adult supervision, staying in the same room as your child is obviously important – but distractions are inevitable, so make it more difficult for the child to even reach the window. Pull beds, sofas and furniture away from windows - kids are great climbers! Glass in most windows is not toughened, so open or closed, a child could potentially fall through any time they are allowed to climb onto a windowsill – teach them to move away any time they are tempted.

A second line of defence could be to fit a restrictor. These ensure that the window can only be opened a short distance – not enough that a child could slip through.