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Potty Training on the move with the Potette Plus

Parents often choose to potty train their child at home, some take a week off work in order to crack the nappy cycle. But at some point, you will need to venture outside. The good news is that potty training on the move doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to the Potette Plus.

A travel potty like the Potette Plus offers the most convenient solution for you because it is so compact and easy to use, and a comfortable, safe environment for your child – available in multiple colours!

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Convenient for you

Traditional potties can often be quite bulky and aren’t the easiest thing to carry round with you when you decide to take potty training on the road. You need a convenient, small solution, that you can take anywhere so that your little one will be able to go as soon as the urge takes them. The Potette Plus travel potty folds flat and fits in to its own hygienic carry bag so you can easily fit it in to your changing bag, buggy or car.

When you are ready to use it, remove it from the carry bag and pull the legs on the Potette Plus in to their upright position until they to click in to place.

The bio-degradable, disposable liners fit on top of the Potette Plus and you simply throw them away when your little one is finished so there is no mess, no fuss and you can carry on with your day.



Comforting for your little one

It is common for toddlers to feel some anxiety about going to the toilet outside of their home, but having one potty that can travel with your child will create a familiar setting for them wherever they are. 

The liners have a fun design illustrated on the absorbent pad that disappears when they go to the toilet. This is a fun reward for little ones and helps parents to recognise if they have been able to go to the toilet at a glance. The Potette Plus compact size means that it isn’t daunting for a child and they could even carry it themselves using the handy carry bag if they want to.

Mess-free Potty Training

Let’s face it, no one wants to be faced with the prospect of washing out a potty when you are out and about! The Potette Plus eliminates messy clean up jobs completely and the absorbent pad inside the liner ensures that you can lift it off easily and hygienically, without any spills.

You can use the Potette Plus at home; at the park; in a restaurant; on the beach; in the car or wherever your little one needs to go. 

You can wash the Potette Plus completely using hot, soapy water. The handy carry bag keeps your travel potty separate from the other contents of your changing bag, buggy or car. It is so small and convenient that you could even fit it in a handbag or back pack so you can say goodbye to your bulky changing bag, hurray!


Potty training and beyond

The Potette Plus converts effortlessly from a travel potty in to a toilet training seat, simply by lifting the legs in to their open position. The Potette Plus fits on top of any toilet seat whether you are at home or on the road to create a comfortable, hygienic seat for your little one.

The fact that they will already be familiar with the Potette Plus in its potty setting, should help to ease the transition to using the toilet and make toilet training a breeze.

Older children can use this too if you are travelling or using public toilets and wish to create a more hygienic environment for them to use the toilet. We have even heard stories of families using them on camping trips to save trekking to the toilets in the night!

Share your Potty Training stories

Get your Pottete Plus now and start your potty training journey. Tell us how you get on, we would love to hear from you!

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