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Potty Training In Winter

Is your little one showing signs that they may be ready to potty train this winter? 
To help you support them with this new skill, we have comprised some potty training tips specific to the winter months:


Ensure that they are ready. Before commencing potty training, it is important to ensure that your child is showing signs of potty training readiness. This may include waking up dry after a nap, staying dry for up to 2 hours, hiding whilst using their nappy and telling you when they need to go or have gone.


 If your child is showing signs of readiness and you are ready to commence the process, it can
be helpful to consider the choice of clothes during this initial period. Winter clothes tend to be heavier
and contain more layers than those worn in summer. Whilst this can be advantageous in keeping them
warm, it can make it more difficult for them to quickly undress when they need to use the potty. It can
therefore be helpful to spend the first few days at home, in a warm environment, allowing them to
dress in items which are easy to access come potty time. When they are ready to venture out and about,
wearing items which care easier to pull down is often helpful (for example a coat and warm trousers will
likely be easier than an all in one snowsuit).


During the winter months when it is colder, it can be easy to forget to offer fluids as frequently. However, adequate water intake is essential for bladder health and avoiding constipation. Constipation
and UTI’s can be major obstacles for potty training, so encouraging your child to drink their
recommended water intake is advised. Many parents find introducing a cup with their child’s favourite
cartoon character on it can help encourage water intake.


The holiday season can sometimes promote an increase in party food and treats. Whilst this can be
lovely, it is important that such treats are balanced with healthy foods and snacks, which provide plenty
of fibre. A high fibre diet, can help to ensure a smooth potty training process by avoiding constipation.


The Christmas holidays may be an ideal time to commence potty training, as many parents have some time off work to devote to the process. However, children are easily distracted, and if they are overstimulated or their attention is elsewhere, it may make it more difficult for them to focus on the potty training task. It may therefore be beneficial to commence potty training in the days following Christmas, as opposed to before. Often children have new toys which may amuse them if they spend the first few days at home, without getting too distracted by the excitement during the run up.Prepare: Many families visit relatives and friends during the holiday period. Children often respond well to using a consistent potty. The Potette doubles up as both a portable potty and a potty seat, allowing for predictability during this time.

Written by Susan Wallace from Settled Petals

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