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Formula Pro Guidance

Please follow the instruction manual for setting up, operating and maintaining the Formula Pro Advanced. This is critical to ensure your appliance functions properly.

Feel free to watch our step-by-step set up video to help you get started with your Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced.

*Please note, this video features the US machine however the UK machine is exactly the same except it defaults in ml instead of oz.

Find your perfect formula setting

It is important to find the correct setting for your formula, so the machine makes an accurate bottle.

Find the formula setting for the brand, stage and type of formula you plan to use on the Baby Brezza website following the link below. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Daily Clean

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to clean the funnel after every 4 bottles made. This will keep your Formula Pro Advanced dispensing accurately.

Always thoroughly wash your hands and any surfaces that will be used before the daily clean.

  1. Remove the Funnel and Funnel cover by pulling out and down. PLEASE NOTE: You don’t need to remove the Powder Container parts for daily cleaning.
  2. Wash Funnel and Funnel Cover with hot soapy water and rinse well. Air dry completely before re-assembling.
  3. Wipe down Powder-Dispensing Hole on the underside of the Powder container and remove any spilt powder or milk on the machine using a dry paper towel or soft dry clean cloth.

4. Replace the water in the water container daily to keep it fresh. Tip: To avoid waste and help you remember, only fill the water container with what you think you will need each day.

For further guidance on daily cleaning, please watch the ‘how to’ video below.

Monthly Clean

It is recommended that once a month you give your Formula Pro Advanced a thorough cleaning.

Hand wash all parts shown above with warm soapy water, rinse well and air dry thoroughly.

To prevent mineral scale on the water heater inside your Formula Pro Advanced, follow these easy steps: 

You can leave the formula powder in the Powder Container during the descaling process.

  1. Remove the Water Tank, empty it and fill it with 600ml distilled (clear) vinegar and 600ml of sterile or pre-boiled cooled water.
  2. Place the Water Tank on the Base of the machine and place a cup larger than 300ml under the funnel.
  3. Select “300ml” with the “ml” button, then press the “water only”  to dispense.
  4. Empty the cup, place it back under the Funnel, then press the “water only” button again to dispense another 300ml.

5. Now unplug the machine, remove the Water Tank, and empty it. Let the machine sit for 4 hours.

6. Wash, rinse and fill the Water Tank to the max line with sterile or pre-boiled cooled water, then place it back on the base.

7. Plug in the machine, place a cup to catch 300ml water and use the “water only” button to run a 300ml cycle. Dispose of the water dispensed in the cup and then repeat this step to run the entire tank of water through the machine. When the “Low Water” indicator turns on, you’re done rinsing.

8. Refill the Water Tank with sterile or pre-boiled cooled water and return to normal use.

For further guidance on monthly cleaning, please watch the ‘how to’ video below.

Long Term Storage Instructions

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to clean the machine and remove all formula powder residue before storage. If you’re going to store your Formula Pro for  later use, or will not use it for a while, find the instructions below.
  1. Remove the powder container parts, funnel, funnel cover, drip tray and water tank from the base.
  2. Wipe the base with a clean damp cloth and make sure to remove all formula residue. Dry the base well.
  3. Empty the powder container, wash all powder container parts, air dry thoroughly, reassemble and reinstall on the base.
  4. Follow the monthly descaling instructions above 1-7 only.
  5. Now place a cup to catch 300ml water under the funnel, then press and hold the “water only” button for 5 seconds. Water will dispense continuously until the machine is completely empty, then stop automatically. 
  6. Unplug the machine, remove the funnel, funnel cover and water tank, air dry them both thoroughly and reinstall. 
  7. Your machine is now ready for storage. Pack the machine in its box, or enclose it in a bag to keep it dust-free.