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Celebrating small wins on your potty training journey

Let’s be real. Potty training can be difficult and exhausting! It is a developmental milestone for your child, but we cannot forget it’s a massive parenting milestone for you. Although it can feel challenging during the process, the end result is a huge win for both parent and child. We are all up for wins in life, no matter how big or small they are.

Celebrating small wins!

1. How to celebrate small wins when potty training

Online the idea that potty training can be achieved within 3 days is often circulated. As a result, parents may feel frustrated when day 3 approaches and their child is not potty trained. However, the reality is that many children do take longer than 3 days to be potty trained.

There are lots of steps to reaching the end goal of potty training. Remembering that each of these steps needs to be completed before you have a potty-trained child can help combat feelings of frustration.

Children can tell when the people around them are happy and excited. This also applies when the people around them are annoyed. How you approach potty training may encourage (or discourage) your child so it is important to celebrate small wins throughout the process.

Potette has developed their very own potty training kit to help with this. Follow the links below to download your very own 14 page ‘Potty Training Guide’ with expert potty training advice from Susan Wallace, along with our Potty Training Reward Chart and Potty Training Certificate FREE of charge. 

Potty Training Guide
Potty Training Reward Chart
Potty Training Certificate

In the initial stages of potty training a small win could be acknowledging that your child told you they needed to go to the toilet. If they do have an accident, it is important to make sure the child does not feel embarrassed. You could say to them ‘Well done for listening to your body. Next time let’s try to get to the potty.’

As you and your child get into the latter stages of potty training, such as learning how to flush the toilet, it is important to acknowledge their progress. Some parents opt for rewards for each stage of the process, whereas others give praise. Which method you choose will dependent on your individual family needs.

If your child regresses, do not take away rewards or shame them. This can make the child feel embarrassed and can hinder their future progress. This can then make both the child and carer feel more frustrated and cause power struggles and a communication breakdown. Neither parent nor child is happy in that situation!

2. Real parent’s real stories: Potty training successes with the Potette range

The first part of every potty training success is to choose the correct potty for you and your little one. The Potette Plus and Max potties can be folded flat which makes them perfect for on-the-go potty training. The Potette Potty Training Flashcards are a helpful, educational aid for your potty training journey, using ‘Baby Sign’ and offer a visual aid for every stage. Moreover, we have disposable and reusable liners. No matter what stage of your journey you are at, we have products to help you reach the next step.

Here are some reviews from parents who have tried and tested the Potette range throughout their potty training journey.

‘The flashcards (or flashing cards as Alf calls them! 😂) have been so incredibly helpful with Alfie’s development and understanding with potty training! I highly recommend them alongside potty training, it makes it a little fun for them as well, as he gets excited knowing he will look at them, and it’s great for him to order them too!

The potty itself has been brilliant outside and in the home due to how versatile it is. The bag makes clean up quick and easy on the go and love that you can use it as a toilet seat in the home too!’

@alf.andhome on Instagram

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  • Potette Potty Training Flash Cards

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‘Honestly, the Potette has been a lifesaver for us as we like to travel, and I wouldn’t want to be karting around the big house potty in my luggage and having to clean it when we are out and about.

When it came to toilet training, the Potette really helped because it keeps their little bottoms snug and secure whereas using the large fitted toilet seat was quite unnerving for them because they felt like they might fall in. I really recommend it!”

Emilie, Mum of two children

“Ophelia loves the flashcards and loves to show me what each image on them is. These have been so helpful and really help to explain the process behind going to the toilet.”

@lifeatlaurens_ on Instagram

“It’s really convenient and packs away small enough to carry in a regular bag. I like having the disposable bags as this means that I can use it more than once in the same trip.”

Steve, Dad of two

We know potty training can be full of surprises and challenges for both you and your little one. Like many parts of parenting, it can feel stressful. It is important to be patient and to celebrate all the small successes and moments that come with the joys of potty training. This can make the experience a lot more enjoyable for both you and your little one!

Chloe Markey