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Making Parenting Easier

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Beth Kitt's Guide to Parenting, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Care

The miracle of childbirth is an extraordinary journey, filled with highs, lows, joy, and challenges. In this podcast episode, we explore this fascinating journey with Beth Kitt, a seasoned midwife, mother of four, and founder of The Bump to Baby Chapter. Beth offers invaluable insights into the realities of childbirth, the challenges faced by midwives, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the joy that comes from witnessing the miracle of birth.

Topics covered in this podcast:

  1. Beth’s journey into Midwifery and her personal birth experiences

  2. How to prepare for birth 

  3. Postnatal Recovery and Baby Health

  4. Postpartum Recovery

Beth’s journey into midwifery is inspiring. Despite the stresses and challenges that come with being a midwife, especially during a global pandemic, Beth’s passion for her profession shines through. She also shares her personal experiences with childbirth, revealing the fear, preparation, and unique learning curve that comes with it. Importantly, Beth stresses the need for expecting parents to trust their instincts and to seek help when needed.

One of the major topics explored in this episode is how we, as a society, can reshape our perceptions of childbirth. The influence of media and entertainment often paints a dramatic, even scary picture of childbirth. But Beth encourages us to see the calm, even boring, side of birth – the moments of deep breathing, the slow progress, and the eventual joy when the baby arrives. It’s about shifting our mindset to see birth as a natural, empowering process rather than a terrifying ordeal.

Beth also delves into the fascinating details of postpartum care for both mother and baby. From discussing feeding choices to the normal colour changes of a baby’s stool, she offers practical advice and insights. The importance of being aware of potential complications such as preeclampsia, infection, excessive blood loss, and blood clots is highlighted, underscoring the need for new mothers to seek medical attention if necessary.

The episode also tackles the often controversial topics surrounding visitors and bathing newborns. Beth shares her personal experience of giving birth to a premature baby and how managing visitors can be a divisive issue. She discusses the benefits of not washing a baby for the first week after birth and the importance of avoiding cold temperatures.

In conclusion, this podcast episode provides an enlightening and engaging discussion on childbirth and beyond. Whether you’re an expecting parent, a seasoned parent, or simply interested in the world of childbirth, there’s something for everyone. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the miracle of birth and the remarkable journey that follows.

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