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11 unique baby gifts for parents that have everything

We all know of someone who can be impossible to buy for, but shopping for parents of babies and toddlers can be especially tricky! Buying something a baby does not already have or may not need (let alone want!) can be a daunting prospect. 

Here at Cheeky Rascals, we take pride in offering genuinely useful solutions with products that are designed to make parents lives easier. From advanced baby tech to effective sleep aids – whatever the challenge, you’re in the right place for unique Christmas baby gifts. 

Check out our top 11 Unique baby gifts for parents that have everything:

Gifts to make mealtimes easier for busy families

Feeding a baby or toddler can often be overwhelming, especially if there is more than one hungry mouth to feed! However, feeding little mouths doesn’t have to be tiring and time consuming. With the right tools to help, you can really take some of the ‘stress’ out of mealtimes.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

Why not give the gift of ‘time’ this Christmas? The traditional way of making formula bottles with a kettle can often be time consuming and unhygienic while the desired bottle of formula is meticulously prepared. 

The state-of-the-art Formula Pro Advanced combats these issues by making an automatically mixed baby formula bottle in as little as 15 seconds – that is 80 times faster than the traditional method! Unlike their competitors, there is no measuring, no mixing and no fuss in the bottle making process. With a crying baby in their arms and time running short, the Formula Pro Advanced can really be a lifesaver for parents of formula fed babies!

  • Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

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Baby Brezza Food Maker Deluxe

Whether you know a baby that is starting to move onto solids or buying for expectant parents, it is never too early (or late!) to invest in a baby food maker. Did you know that babies typically start getting introduced to solid foods at around 4-6 months old? This is an exciting time when babies start exploring a broader world of flavour (find out more about weaning).

Baby Brezza have developed the One Step Food Maker Deluxe, a baby food maker that follows the same time-saving principles as the Formula Pro Advanced. Unlike traditional machines, this baby food maker steams and blends at the press of a button, and in the same compartment, so parents can return to a readily made meal without needing to worry about transferring food after steaming.

It will be a great opportunity to test out this machine with Christmas dinner leftovers, with the capability to adapt to every stage of weaning, the food maker deluxe will make baby’s very first purées to more lumpy textures. This machine can also be used for non-baby foods too, such as hard boiled eggs, pasta, vegetables, or even soup, perfect for this time of year. 

  • Baby Brezza Food Maker Deluxe

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Fred Stove & Hob Guard

Sometimes the importance of creating a safe cooking environment in the kitchen can be easy to overlook. Especially in increasingly popular open plan living spaces, parents must anticipate new hazards as curious toddlers have more space to roam around the kitchen.

Suitable for all electric, gas, ceramic, and induction hobs, featuring a robust and stylish design that fits seamlessly into the modern kitchen. Unlike other popular stove guards, the Stove & Hob Guard adjusts from 57cm to a whopping 90cm wide – accommodating the widest of kitchen hobs! Letting caregivers carry on cooking safely while keeping little hands away from pans, hot surfaces and stove controls.

  • Fred Stove & Hob Guard

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Gifts for tech-loving parents

If you’re buying for a Techie Mum-To-Be or a Dad that loves his gadgets, then look no further. We have picked out some of the must-have baby tech gifts we have to offer.

Owlet Monitor Duo

It is normal for many parents to worry about leaving their sleeping baby. The new Owlet Monitor Duo removes that worry by empowering parents with the right information at the right time. So the can have peace of mind wherever they are in the house this Christmas.

Offering the intelligence of both the Smart Sock 3 and Cam 2, the Owlet Duo combines both monitors in the ideal bundle. Tracking the most important aspects of baby’s health, through their heart rate and oxygen levels, while seeing and hearing baby through their phone. The Owlet Monitor Duo is a one-of-a-kind gift that revolutionises the traditional baby monitor and brings better night’s sleep this festive season!

  • Owlet Monitor Duo

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Rockit Rocker

Parents that are keen shoppers or enjoy a calm winter walk can struggle to keep their baby sleeping in the pushchair while out-and-about. This disruption can often be frustrating as parents try and ‘rock’ there baby back to sleep by pushing their pram forwards and backwards.

Created to help parents on the go, the revolutionary Rockit Rocker is a handy must-have accessory that keeps babies moving and snoozing. This unique and affordable gift will be great for any parent! Simply attach to a pram or stroller, push the button, and adjust the speed and the gentle rocking motion safely soothes baby. Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair, and with baby content, parents can enjoy a coffee in peace or manage the supermarket checkout with both hands. 

Rockit Wooshh

Have you ever noticed that parents make shushing sounds to help their baby drop off to sleep? And once their baby finally falls asleep, they creep around the house afraid to wake them!

The Rockit Wooshh is a small, but mighty sound soother that allows parents to enjoy the Christmas and holiday cheer without worrying about waking their baby. Surrounding little one with soothing sounds and sending them to sleep anywhere with a fully customisable 8 sounds and 4 volume settings. It is another unique and affordable items that will make parents lives easier. 

  • Rockit Wooshh – Portable Sound Machine

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Gifts to help new parents crack their little one’s night-time routine

Night-time routines can be difficult to maintain, especially in the winter holiday season where there is less structure in the day, and we are more susceptible to colds as temperatures drop. Check out our top picks to soothe little ones into their winter night-time routines and help everyone in the family gets a good night sleep.

Love To Dream Swaddle UP Warm

Everyone in the UK has been starting to feel the chill of winter approaching, and with an ongoing heating crisis it is natural to worry about keeping babies and toddlers’ cosy at night.

Love To DreamTM sleepwear offers a sensible solution to keep little ones warm with their range of Warm and Extra Warm swaddles, ideal for colder nights. The uniquely patented Love To Dream Swaddle Up TM is designed with an ARMS UPTM that controls a babies natural startle reflex which can sometimes wake them up unexpectedly during the night. This has been found to increase sleep from 3.83 to 7.42 hours according to a survey of 1242 parents. This Christmas, the gift of ‘more sleep’ will be valuable to many parents.

*Source: Survey of 1,242 Australian LOVE TO DREAM™ consumers, July 2017

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Crane Drop 2.0 4-in-1 Humidifier With Sound Machine

Did you know that new-born babies only breath through their noses for the first 4 to 6 months of their lives? It can be disruptive if babies experience any irritation or blockage into their airways, leading to restless and noisy nights.

The Crane Drop 2.0 4-in-1 Humidifier With Sound Machine can help relieve dry and stuffy noses, making it easier for your baby to breath, feed and sleep. Unlike many competitors the Crane Humidifier features a large water tank with allows the humidifier to run through all-night. In addition, the Humidifier includes an aroma tray compatible with essential oils, 3 soothing sleep sounds and an optional Night Light with 7 colours and red sleep support light, enhancing the sleep hormone melatonin.

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    Crane Drop 2.0 4-in-1 Humidifier With Sound Machine and Night Light

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Gifts to keep toddlers safe at home in the winter months

Christmas is all about spending time with family. Whether celebrating at home with full house, or heading to relatives, these simple ideas will make sure that the house is safe and child-friendly for the whole of the holiday.

Ziza Play Kit

As the festive season draws near, indoor activities start to become the focus. However entertaining toddlers can sometimes be a delightful challenge. A key to coping with this is providing a secure and sturdy space for little ones to play.

Enter the Ziza Play kit – a perfect solution for encouraging play and offering a comfortable spot for the toddlers to sit. This kit goes beyond functionality, offering a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetic charm.

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    Ziza Play Kit, Coconut White

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Fred Home Safety Starter Pack

Christmas can be an exciting and chaotic time for families. The Fred Home Safety Starter Pack will allow you to enjoy the holidays while making sure your little one is safe wherever you are.

Featuring a mix of individually designed safety products to protect against risks common to most homes plus a safety-check tool for parents to understand the small objects that represent a choking hazard.


·        Top Drawer Catch x 1

·        Lower Drawer Catch x 2

·        Multi-Purpose Block x 1

·        Corner Protectors x 4

·        Socket Covers x 6

·        Door Slam Stopper x 1

·        Double Door Block x 1

·       Choke Tester x 1

Baby-proofing your home this Christmas has never been easier with the safety starter pack! The perfect gift of peace of mind this festive season.

  • Fred Home Safety Starter Pack

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Fred Pressure Fit Clear View Gate

Don’t forfeit style for safety! Combining modern contemporary interior with uncompromising levels of safety. Fred Pressure Fit Clear View Gate is the perfect solution for child proofing, which effortlessly blends into your home.

Featuring a truly unique and attractive see-through gate door with sturdy unobtrusive fittings that will help create a safe child-friendly haven in at home.

  • Fred Pressure Fit Clear-View Stairgate

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Check out our top 11 Unique baby gifts for parents that have everything:

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