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Keeping safe at home this winter

Cooler nights and shorter days can only mean one thing…Christmas! While it is exciting to begin festivities, the colder seasons mean many children spend more time playing inside. 

But is your home safe? This can be a perfect time to do a quick check to make sure your home is as safe as it can be. 

Here is a checklist to make sure your home is as safe as possible:

  • Ensure that your Smoke Alarm has a working battery (Check: make sure you have a minimum of 1 on each house floor).

  • Check all doors are closed at night, as per safety advice.

  • Ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in the kitchen (Check: make sure it has a working battery).

  • To protect little fingers and ensure children don’t get locked in a room, fit Door Slam Stoppers. These can be removed at night to comply with fire safety advice.

  • Keep small items, which could be a choking hazard, out of reach. The Fred Choke Tester allows you to check which items are choking hazard to under 2’s. 

  • Protect little heads by ensuring that sharp corners (coffee tables, tables etc) have Corner Protectors fitted.

  • To prevent burns, kettles should be placed far back on the kitchen surface; hot taps have a tap guard; and a Stove & Hob Guard is fitted, to prevent children touching hot pans.

  • Inspect all windows, making sure blind cords are out of reach.

  •  Any plug sockets in reach need to be covered with a safety approved plug socket, such as the Fred Plug Socket Cover.

  • Inspect all battery operated devices within your child’s reach (toys, remote controls, baby monitors etc) to ensure the batteries are secure and cannot be accessed by your child.

  • Ensure all dangerous and toxic items are out of your child’s reach. This includes alcohol, medicines, cleaning products,  dishwasher tablets, sharp knives and batteries. The Fred Invisible Magnet Lock , Fred Adhesive Top Drawer Catch and Fred Adhesive Lower Drawer Catch will help to prevent this.

  • Stair gates at the top and bottom of the stairs can prevent children falling. We advise Screw-Fit gates to be fitted at the top of the stairs, as there is no trip bar. Gates at the top of the stairs should swing against the direction of the stairs. This is to prevent children leaning and swinging forward, if not closed correctly. Stair gates must be securely attached. Our Fred Stair gates are the perfect solution for any home.

This checklist is not meant to contain helpful advice, and does not contain all potential risks in the home. Parents should continue to risk assess in accordance with their own home and the age and stage of their children.

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