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Your baby’s milestones in their first 12 months

The first year of little one’s life is one of excitement and discovery. As you journey through your newborn’s first year, you will see how your baby is growing and developing as they achieve and meet new developmental goals.


“I’m new here & hard at work developing skills like distinguishing different sounds like mummy & daddy’s voice. On average, I feed every 2-3 hours throughout the day & night. I’m busy!”

1 Month

“I tend to keep my fists clenched and produce automatic responses like turning my cheek when stroked. I sleep up to 16 hours a day, waking only for feedings. Consider using the Owlet Smart Sock to track my heart rate and oxygen while I sleep and enjoy some peace of mind.”

2 months

“Look at me – I’m starting to smile and giggle. I may use my eyes to track moving objects and suck my thumb or fingers. I take 4-5 naps per day & feed 1-5 times per night. I’m growing big & strong.”

3 months

“By now I’m making cute sounds like gurgling & babbling. I make eye contact & may show interest in faces. I may even be able to lift my head & use my forearms for support. I probably sleep 4-5 hours in one stretch at night. The Smart Sock also tracks my sleep, and the data is useful to help set my sleep routine.”

4 months

“My teeth may have started to sprout. Ouch! And you might notice a big turning point in my sleep as a sleep regression kicks in due to growth. My once predictable naps and bedtime are now all over the place.”

5 months

“I now know that I can get your attention when I cry, and I may start imitating your actions like blowing kisses or playing peekaboo. I may visually follow an object like a rattle, and on average I take naps 2-3 times per day. While I sleep, the reliable Owlet Cam allows mum to keep an eye on me while doing things around the house.”

6 months

“I’m starting to enjoy solids such as purees. I can likely roll over and am trying to sit up, and I might even kick my arms and legs. My wake windows are getting slightly longer (around 2-3 hours) & my naps have probably lengthened. On average, I sleep a total of 12-14 hours out of 24, with 3-4 of those hours being naps in the daytime. If I’m moving into my own room, the Smart Sock gives mum peace of mind & a way to monitor me while I sleep.”

7 months

“It could be time for me to start to reduce night feeds. I have probably cut my first tooth, and more are on the way. Teething however might be disrupting my sleep routines.”

8 months

“I’m probably sitting up by now & may be starting to crawl around and reach for things. I may even be starting to remember people. I sleep approximately 13-14 hours in a day, including 2-3 naps. Sleep tracking from the Smart Sock breaks down my light versus deep sleep so mum knows exactly how well I’m sleeping.”

9 months

“By now I am likely on a sleep, eat and play schedule. I might even be able to say simple words like ‘da da’. The 9-month sleep regressions may have coincided with dropping my afternoon nap, so an early bedtime will help. Using the sleep tracking feature of the Smart Sock can help mum create better sleep schedules & routines.”

10 months

“I can now eat lumpy or coarsely mashed food. I may try using a chair or table to pull myself up, and I’m starting to recognise the sound of my name. I take approximately 2 naps a day. The Cam helps mum keep an eye on me while I nap & notifies her if sound or motion is detected in my room.”

11 months

“I might be starting to understand cause & effect, like when I drop something, mummy will pick it up. I may also start to insist on using a spoon. My wake windows are probably getting longer, and night feeds may be down to 0-1 feed per night.”

1st birthday!

“My first trip around the sun! It is likely I will be starting to cruise around the furniture and maybe even beginning to walk. On average, I take 2 naps per day for 2-3 hours with 10-11 hours overnight. The Smart Sock will fit me up to 18 months or 30lbs so mummy & daddy can still track my heart rate & oxygen while I sleep.”

These developmental milestones help you identify changes in your child but don’t worry if they don’t all match. Each child develops at a different rate and passes milestones in their own time. Speak to your GP or Health Visitor if you are concerned about your baby’s development.