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Making Parenting Easier

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Gemma Woodhouse (@mrswoodhouse22)

My son has recently been waking up crying and I’ve had to rock him back to sleep several times. I turned on the Zed by Rockit, and within a couple of minutes he was back to sleep. Amazing!! 

The warm red night light is soothing and allows me to see him easily whilst providing some light from his Crib. 

There are 6 different vibration settings, I’m using the lighter ones in his bedside crib and I will increase the intensity when he goes into his cot bed. Its battery operated, overall a really good product. 

The Wooshh by Rocket is so tiny! 

I was surprised as so many of these sound machines are quite bulky. It fits perfectly in the changing bag so can be used when out and about, in an area that is slightly noisier. This product provides calming sounds to tone out external noises for an uninterrupted nap. There are 8 different sounds. 

I personally love the lullaby as It sounds like you’re in a spa, perfect for de stressing whilst keeping baby really calm. I did have to refer to the manual to locate the volume and to turn it off you seem to have to go through each sound instead of having an off button.

These 2 products are perfect for at home or out and about. I’m especially looking forward to taking the Wooshh on holiday with us next month. It charges via USB cable so you won’t be searching for any batteries whilst away either. 

  • Rockit Wooshh – Portable Sound Machine

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  • Rockit Zed – Sleep Soother & Night Light

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