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Ceri Parry (@ceriparry_)

We absolutely love them. I don’t know how we will manage without them now! The portable sound machine has been with us everywhere – it’s been great for when we have been out and about and in the car during nap times, he settles right away. And the Rockit Zed has been an absolute game changer during this regression. We have all slept so well this last week – my partner said it even sends him into a good sleep, no exaggeration, within 5 minutes of putting Eddie down at night and turning the Zed on he has been flat out. When he has stirred in the night, I’ve popped it back on for a few minutes and he’s been back asleep. Love it. Can’t thank you enough for sending them over!! 

  • Rockit Wooshh – Portable Sound Machine

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  • Rockit Zed – Sleep Soother & Night Light

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