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Lisa White (@thewelshmumblog)

 We have been very lucky to get the chance to review the new rainbow splash lascal buggy board, first thing is first, the delivery was super quick, it was dispatched at 2.30pm Friday, it was delivered before 9am on Saturday morning! As soon as it arrived my 3 year old was super excited, he called it his “splatoon buggy board” this was super appealing to him obviously and he wanted to set it up straight away, so I set to work so he could try it out. 

It was super easy to put together, especially because the instructions were easy to follow. The updated look is definitely alot sleeker than the old design too, I had looked at the lascal boards before but the red bits on the connectors really put me off, this version has grey and black only, which is very aesthetically pleasing! We got dressed and went on an adventure, first stop was the shop for essentials, normally I get really stressed taking him out as he has no sense of danger so have to watch him constantly, the bright colours on the board made him want to stay on there, even near roads! So that was one massive hurdle overcome.

Then we went to feed the ducks at a local pond, with lots of mud! The buggy board handled it no problem, it was still easy to push across grass, even though it was super muddy!

Finally we took it on a route we go daily as its right by my 3 year olds nursery, there’s lots of curbs, some of the area is really bumpy and it’s also very muddy at this time of year, even over the rough terrain it was still smooth to push, went up and down kerbs absolutely fine with no worry that it was going to get jammed and cause an emergency stop! We have used it every day since on our 3 school runs and it’s been an absolute lifesaver, and the strap that comes with it to hold it up out of the way is amazing once ive dropped Arlo off at nursery and want to indulge in a bit of retail therapy!

It was also super easy to disconnect from the pushchair when needed, push down on a button either side and pull up and it’s off, to connect it back to the pushchair I just pushed the connectors back down and it was back on, super handy when you have a crazy 3 year old trying to run on the road!

Lascal new (2)

My 18 month old also tested it out in the kitchen but she’s under the recommended age even though she throughly enjoyed it!

Overall we absolutely loved the lascal mini buggy board, even with 13kg of Arlo on there it glided along like there was nothing on there. The only issue I did have was the space between Arlo and the handle bar, although I feel that was more an issue because of my pushchair rather than the buggy board & it definitely wouldn’t of been an issue if he wasn’t so tall!

I’ll definitely continue using this every day until Arlo doesn’t want too anymore, then I am hoping Bonnie will want to ride on the “Splatoon” buggy board to make my life a little bit easier not having to lug a double pushchair around all the time!

Walking at your toddlers pace, especially when they’re tired, is not an ideal situation! The Lascal Mini BuggyBoard is the smart, user friendly, universal solution for giving tired toddlers a safe and practical lift; designed for kids 2-5 years old

  • The patented easy-fitconnection system allows the BuggyBoard to securely fit 99% of pushchairs.
  • Innovatively designed, the suspension system with large durable wheels ensures a comfortable ride around corners, over kerbs and through doorways.
  • Keeps Child Safe in crowds and high traffic areas, with the large anti slip surface, side protection and reflective decals.
  • Quick and easy solution for when not in use; the Strap & Hook to clip the board up ( as seen in image 2) .
  • Silvee Made for Mums Award 2020 : Awarded for best travel accessory – the only on-board riding system to recieve recognition! 

Lascal Mini BuggyBoard – Rainbow Splash

Many thanks to Lisa White (@thewelshmumblog) for this review!

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