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Laura Green (@laura_fitness_lifestyle)

My first impressions of the Rockit Wooshh was, I loved how compact it is and that it’s USB rechargeable. It’s perfect to take anywhere with us without taking up any room in an already full baby changing bag. There’s a good choice of sounds to choose from, with 4 different volumes to suit the environment you’re in. The battery life is very good, you can get a few days with it on all night before it needs a charge. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

I’ve used the Rockit Zed when trying to settle my son to sleep, the vibrations have worked on occasions. The light gives enough coverage for those middle of the night feeds. The only downfall with this is it requires batteries to operate. It would be great if Rockit changed the design to USB rechargeable, like they have now done with the Rockit Rocker.

  • Rockit Wooshh – Portable Sound Machine

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  • Rockit Zed – Sleep Soother & Night Light

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