Making Parenting Easier
Making Parenting Easier

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Izmi is for Everyone

Designed by British mum of two Emily Williamson, an experienced Sling Librarian, Carrying Consultant and Trainer.

Babywearing does not need to be difficult or intimidating! Izmi’s range if carriers and wraps are truly all inclusive for everyone.

The lightweight adjustable design makes the Izmi Carrier suitable for all shapes and sizes, and the Izmi Wraps allow you to fully personalise the carrying position for maximum comfort.

Even suitable for wheelchair users, and people with other health conditions. Consult with a local sling librarian for more advice on how to safely carry your baby.

How to use your Izmi Carrier

Get the most out of your Izmi Carrier by following the safety and instruction videos below, featuring expert tips and advice from qualified carrying consultant, Emily Williamson.

Safety and Comfort for Newborns

Safety and Comfort for Toddlers

Front Carry

Front Facing Carry

Side Carry

Back Carry

How to use your Izmi Wrap

The Izmi Wrap has been designed to adapt to both you and your baby, giving you a snug and supportive fit. The fitting videos below will help guide you through the process of putting the wrap on for the first time and getting baby in a safe and comfortable position. 

Emily’s Fitting Tips

Front Carry