Wishbone Recycled: A Truly Innovative Balance Bike

Wishbone is one of our best-loved brands, and when you find out more about the design philosophy, and take a look at the products, it is easy to see why. Based in New Zealand, Wishbone is a design company with a difference. It makes the most phenomenal balance bikes (as well as other toys like the very nifty Flip ride-on), which make it easier for children to master the art of balancing. Each bike, whether it’s one of the original wooden designs or the new Recycled version, grows with your child so that it will last for years – real modern classics and family heirlooms in the making.

The Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition may be the most glamorous end for a worn-out floor covering…”

The Guardian (Sustainable Business), Friday 23rd January 2015.

The products have always garnered lots of interest from the press including writers who regularly write about kids’ products such as The Daily Telegraph’s Daisy Bridgewater and the new Recycled bike is also creating quite a buzz. This remarkable bike is made from old carpets – yes, that’s right – old carpet. The fibres are removed from the backing material, shredded and turned in to a resin, which can then be moulded in to the bike – that’s the abridged version of a very cool, super clever process that has been developed by the also very cool owners of Wishbone Design, Jenny and Rich.

Read more about it here in The Guardian’s Sustainable Business supplement from 23rd January.

” For the past several months, carpets have found a highly unconventional second life as bikes. Jenny McIver and her husband Rich – New Zealanders who have recently returned home after several years in New York City – run Wishbone Design, a product design company. Together they have developed a technology that allows them to turn carpets into rigid tubular shapes and so form children’s bikes. Not just that: the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition can be expanded as the child grows, saving additional space in landfill.” Quote taken from The Guardian.