Parents often dread the clocks changing in the spring because the longer, lighter days can disrupt even the best sleepers. There’s some excellent experts such as Jo Tantum, who can help to sleep train infants but what do parents of slightly older children do when their normally brilliant sleepers have a wobble just because the clocks change twice a year?

Children love consistency and, to state the obvious, the changing clocks remove some of the consistency that children expect. You can maintain the same environment to some extent through blackout blinds and curtains as well as sleep trainers like Sam the Sheep which, through visual changes, demonstrates morning and bedtime.

Sam’s eyes will open in the morning at a time of your choosing and close when it’s your toddler’s bedtime.

The bright LCD screen also changes colour and 12 stars disappear one by one to denote whether or not it’s time to wake up or sleep. Perfect for youngsters who can’t tell the time.

Other key features:

  • Alarm with volume control
  • Analogue and digital time display
  • Operate on mains batteries