Outlook – The Perfect Summer Travel Accessory

The summer holidays are in full swing and your diary is probably full to bursting with play dates with friends, day trips or travel. These accessories help to ensure that your little one’s routine stays on track whatever you have planned. That means no nap time stress or insect panic, just easy days out in the summer sunshine.

A Shady Spot

Whether you’re on an exotic holiday or just taking a day trip, it can be tough to find enough shade throughout the day. Sun cream hassle and hat-wearing battles can add to your troubles. The Outlook Shade-a-babe is an easy alternative that protects your baby or toddler as temperatures start to soar.

The shade fits easily onto any buggy, stroller, car seat or carrycot and can be attached in seconds. Most importantly, it features 3 layers of UV protection with the UPF50+ eye shield blocking out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. A solar-screen panel allows efficient air flow to keep your child cool throughout the day. The mesh panel also lets them see the sights around them, whilst staying completely protected.

When nap time comes around, the black-out blind snooze panel can be folded up to block out light and distractions and ensure a peaceful sleep for your little one. This shade provides all-round protection from sun, glare, wind and insects making it a versatile accessory for any summer adventure. When the sun goes in and the wind dies down, simply fold it up and put it in its neat, built-in storage pouch.

Road Trip Prep

Of course, summer holidays can also mean more time spent in the car. If you’re going to be on the road this summer, make sure your car is as summer ready as you are!

The Outlook Auto-shade is the ultimate sun protection for every kind of road trip. It fits over the entire rear window like a sock, even on larger cars, blocking out 90% of the sun’s rays whilst also allowing the window to be opened and closed. This handy design means you can let the fresh air in, whilst keeping the sun and any wandering bugs out. The combination of sunshade and super-fast installation makes this accessory ideal for a range of journeys, be it a short hop to your next destination, visiting family or taking the car on a long-distance holiday.

Nap Time Necessities

Of course, when travelling during the summer, you also have to factor in nap times. Even with all the essential ingredients for a nap – the favourite teddy, the snuggly blanket, maybe a lullaby or two – sticking to nap times can be tough during the summer rush.

The Outlook Sleep-shade is an ideal summer sleep accessory, whether you’re inside a lively restaurant or outside on a busy high street. By blocking out light and some noise, it helps your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep, whatever the day might bring. The soft, breathable shade gives maximum sun protection, blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It is also easy to fit and can be used with any pram or travel system with a canopy. That means it is suitable even for the sunniest of parks or beaches, so you can keep travelling without compromising on your routine.

Their first summer

For some little ones, this year might be their first summer! As the weather gets warmer, we understand that you have to find a balance between all the things you want to do and the needs of your new baby. Luckily, the Outlook Sleep-pod makes day trips a little bit easier.

The Outlook Sleep-pod has a breathable blackout blind that blocks 94% of outside light, as well as any other distractions, to create a calming interior for the perfect nap. The solar-screen mesh has UVA and UVB sun protection, whilst allowing air to circulate so your baby stays cool as it sleeps. The blind can be secured halfway as a sun visor or fully opened at the front to provide shade but also lets them see everything that’s going on around them. It is ideal for carrycots and infant car seats, as well as buggies and strollers and can be popped on and off in seconds so you can be prepared for anything!

This is particularly handy for long distance plane journeys if you are jetting off on a holiday over the summer, as it helps to create a dark, soothing, familiar environment for your baby to sleep in a carrycot on the plane. You might even get time to enjoy a glass of something cold and the in-plane entertainment while they nap – now that is what we call a summer holiday essential!

We would love to see your pics of your little one enjoying their summer under the cool shade of their Outlook. Get in touch via our social media or email us on smile@cheekyrascals.co.uk