Sleep is a funny old thing – all babies do it, but just not always at night when we want them to!

As a parent, it would be highly unusual not to be interested in when your baby will sleep through the night and what you can do to nudge them in the right direction!

Sleep is important for both physical and mental health in adults and for development and growth in babies.  If baby sleeps well, then the chances are that Mum will too. A lack of sleep can be a contributing factor to PND and severe sleep deprivation (which has been used as a form of torture in the past) is no fun for anyone.

Let’s be fair, newborn babies have a fair few disadvantages when it comes to sleeping at night:

– They don’t know the difference between night and day

– They are born with a really small tummy so can’t fill it with enough milk to keep them going for much time between feeds

– They miss the comfort and closeness of the womb

– They are sensitive to the slightest discomfort, whether from wind, filling their nappies, teething or a change in room temperature

Some of these reasons can’t be eliminated, and sleeping through the night is far from automatic, but there are always ways to encourage baby to “sleep like a baby” at night.