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Korbell Bin Liner

Korbell Bin LinerKorbell Bin LinerKorbell Bin LinerKorbell Bin LinerKorbell Bin Liner
Korbell Bin Liner
Korbell Bin Liner Korbell Bin Liner Korbell Bin Liner Korbell Bin Liner
  • How to use the Korbell Nappy Disposal Bin - a quick and easy guide
from £13.99

Triple packs of lightly scented biodegradable Korbell bin liners for 16, 26 and 68 Litre Bins.

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from £13.99

Replacement bin liners for Korbell nappy bins.

Each pack contains three rolls of scented biodegradable liners that keep nappy odours trapped safely inside the bin.

The long–lasting and low waste liners are great value and easy to use. Simply tie a knot at the bottom of the liner and start using; when the bin is full, use the built–in safety cutter to cut the liner and start again.

Refills are not interchangeable between different sizes of nappy bins.

The 9 litre liners last for up to 300 nappies.

The 16 litre liners last for up to 495 nappies.

The 26 litre PLUS liners last for us to 580 nappies.

The 68 litre MAXI liners last for up to 1000 nappies. Choice of green or tiger–striped liners for EA waste regulation compliance.

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  • Customer review

    Carmen and Kat, 15/05/2012

    Location: Kent
    Whether you get through 1 or 15 nappies a day, the option to cut off a bag everyday means no more smells and an end to lots of little nappy sacks all over the place :-)

  • Customer review

    Lumi, 15/05/2012

    Location: London
    Getting 45 nappys in each bin bag. Could you wish more than ? :)

  • Blog review

    Childminding Help, 15/05/2012

    Location: http://childmindinghelp.co.uk/productreviews.html
    Bin liners - Comes complete with bin liners, refills are available to purchase separately. There is no wastage on the bin liners, they cut to size on the special (safe) cutter inside the bin, as described above. They have a delicate scent which is not overpowering. The bags are thick and strong to keep in the smells and prevent bursting. For any mum, dad, carer or childminder one of the problems is having to go outside to the main rubbish bin to dispose of nappies after each change, this can be many times a day, either that or have them inside where they can smell dreadfully! Sometimes it is not possible to leave little ones alone while you go, especially if the bin is down the garden or if you live in a flat so the Korbell can help solve that problem by storing dirty nappies safely and hygienically until it is convenient for you to go out to the bin.

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase
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