Step Up for Safe Streets with your Lascal BuggyBoard™

Road Safety Week is all about raising awareness for better road safety and encouraging both children and adults to learn how to make streets safer. 2019 is focused on stepping up for safe streets, looking at design-led solutions to make getting around safely even easier.

We are proud that the Lascal BuggyBoard™ is helping more families than ever step up for safe streets. With a BuggyBoard™ attached to your pram, your toddler can step up and stay out of harm, making every day journeys simpler and safer for all the family. To mark Road Safety Week, here are our top tips for road safety with young children…

Busy streets

Busy streets can be nerve-wracking when you have small children. Whether it’s heavy traffic, fast bike lanes or a crowded pavement, it can be stressful to try and manage a pram and handholding at the same time. This is where a Lascal BuggyBoard™ can make an enormous difference.

By encouraging your toddler to step up onto their BuggyBoard™, the streets become immediately safer. They ride between your arms, making sure that they can’t run off or get lost. At the same time, your child can appreciate all the sights and sounds of their bustling surroundings as they’re able to look out and around from their vantage point. They’ll love the opportunity to glide through the crowds from up high and you can relax a little more, knowing that they’re close.

Walking to school

Walking to school or playgroup is also much easier and safer with a BuggyBoard™, giving you the tools you need to tackle even the busiest mornings. You don’t need to worry about handholding, and you can control the pace so there’s no dawdling when you’re tight for time. If your family also includes older children, you can walk with your pushchair, toddler and child to get to school, only having to keep an eye on one child’s road safety. Having your toddler on their BuggyBoard™ is one less thing to think about – especially useful on those mad mornings when everything is a rush!

Crossing the road

When it comes to crossing the road, stepping up onto the BuggyBoard™ is also ideal for ensuring maximum road safety. You and your child can wait patiently together at the crossing, choosing the safest place to cross. You can watch and listen for cars, paying attention to any traffic or extra hazards. Then, when you’re sure it’s safe, you can cross the road quickly and directly as a family. Going through these steps with your child on a BuggyBoard™ makes the whole process stress free and seamless, with no handholding or negotiating needed, and you can teach them about road safety at the same time. This makes even the busiest intersections and the most temperamental traffic lights manageable.

Asking questions

Whilst they’re riding on their BuggyBoard™, you can draw attention to road safety rules by talking to your toddler and making them aware of what they need to think about. You can do this by asking simple questions such as:

  • Where is the safest place to cross this road?
  • When is it safe to cross the road?
  • What do we need to do before we cross?
  • What sounds are we listening for when we cross?

With your child between your arms, you can communicate with them easily. By phrasing questions in a way that’s easy to understand, you can help your toddler to take notice of what’s happening around them. From the safety of their BuggyBoard™, they can learn how to cross the road safely whilst you know they’re out of danger.

Stop, Look, Listen, Think

These small steps build up to your child being able to cross the road on their own when they are older. The rules for road safety are to stop, look, listen and think. Using your BuggyBoard™ will allow to you to keep an eye on your child and judge how they take in their surroundings and how aware they are of the road safety rules. Whilst you will decide when to stop, they can take part in looking, listening and helping make the decision about whether or not it’s safe to cross. This is invaluable experience for when they’re older and crossing the road on their own.

Road safety awareness is such an important skill to teach children from an early age. With a Lascal BuggyBoard™, you can help your child to learn whilst ensuring that they are always safe between your arms. You can gradually introduce them to road safety tips in a slow and simple way, keeping them close. For Road Safety Week, step up for safe streets and step up with a Lascal BuggyBoard™.

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