Lascal BuggyBoard Spare - Pair Of Connector Bolts (Maxi & Mini)



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A black bolt with red spring loaded clip. These come as a pair. Part Number 80000

Compatible with Lascal Mini and Maxi BuggyBoards®. Not sure which BuggyBoard® you have? Have a look at our list of BuggyBoards® and Spare parts here:

The Lascal BuggyBoard® Connector Bolt is a black bolt containing a red plastic spring loaded clip. This bolt secures the connectors firmly onto a pushchair’s legs or axle, and the red clip contained therein houses the Cotter Pins which secure the board to the connectors.

To remove existing Connector Bolts, turn them anti clockwise whilst at the same time pulling gently on the strap opposite. The entire connector should then come apart.

To reattach Connectors with new Connector Bolts:

  • Insert the Connector Strap into the Connector Cover ensuring that the teeth on the square nut line up with the slot in the Connector Cover.
  • Insert the Connector Bolt into the hole at the top of the Connector Cover and start to turn it in a clockwise direction to secure all 3 parts together.
  • Once you have established where on your pushchair to position the Connectors, bend the Strap round the tubing then thread the Strap through the slot in the Connector Cover and pull the Strap tight.
  • Secure the Connector by turning the Connector Bolt clockwise. The Connectors must be firmly attached to your pushchair and should not move.

Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase


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