Lascal BuggyBoard Spare - Cotter Pin (Maxi & Mini)



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A red plastic threaded pin approximately 2 inches long which fits through the end of the arms and slots into the BuggyBoard® Connector. Part Number 81520

Compatible with Lascal Mini and Maxi BuggyBoards. Not sure which BuggyBoard® you have? Have a look at our list of BuggyBoards and Spare parts here:

The Cotter Pin should be screwed into one of the 3 arm holes and tightened with a coin.

To position the Cotter Pins, measure the distance between the middle of each of the Connectors. If the measured distance is between:

  • 31-43 cm (12.4-17.2 in.) Refer to Alt A (inward facing).
  • 43-54 cm (17.2-21.6 in.) Refer to Alt B (outward facing).

There are 3 holes in each arm. To choose the hole that best suits your Pushchair, position the BuggyBoard® as close as possible to the back of your Pushchair ensuring that your child can stand comfortably.

Once decided, screw the Cotter Pin into the chosen Cotter Pin hole and tighten with a coin. Ensure the Cotter Pin is securely in place but be careful not to over tighten it as this may damage the plastic slot on the head of the pin leading to problems if you ever need to remove them.

Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase


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