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Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle / Red

Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle / Red
  • Introducing the Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle - Add an extra seat to your pushchair!

Add an extra seat to your pushchair! The BuggyBoard Saddle™ works with the BuggyBoard Maxi®, turning it in to an extra seat for toddlers. Folds down when not in use. Don't have a BuggyBoard®? You can get one here

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BuggyBoard Saddle™ transforms your BuggyBoard Maxi® in to a seat in an instant. The Saddle fits on to the board in minutes so that your toddler can rest their legs whilst looking towards you and watching the world go by. The seat quickly folds down when your toddler prefers to stand, or when you wish to hook your BuggyBoard® up and out of the way.

Simply Slide the Saddle on to the BuggyBoard®, click in to place and the Saddle is ready to use, no tools needed.

Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard should be purchased separately

NB please ensure you have fitted the Saddle correctly. Both red buttons should be flat once the Saddle has been clicked in to place.

Saddle Positioning


Q & A's

Product Questions

Is this comparable with the bugaboo donkey twin?
Hi, Will this fit on an oyster max buggy board?
Will the board with the saddle fit the i'candy strawberry pram
Is this compatible with a quinny mood?
Is this buggy board and seat compatible with the outnabout double buggy?
Is the board compatible with the Mima Xari ?
Can the board with saddle be used with the icandy peach?
Is this compatible with quinny buzz
  • Customer review

    Mitch, 23/08/2015

    This seat is a god send, brought for my 2yr old when we had our other son, he's loves that he can choose to sit or stand, has saved me having to take our double buggy out, so much so we're selling it!! Have recommended to all my expectant friends!!

  • Staff review

    Leonie, 03/07/2015

    We love this - Taking toddlers along for an extended outing with a younger sibling in a stroller can often become a challenge with a very tired toddler. Now there is an elegant solution with the introduction of the Lascal Saddle that easily fits on the Lascal Buggy Board. The Saddle provides a 2-5 year old toddler a place to sit when tired and be as comfortable as the younger sibling in the stroller, making all outings happy outings. The Saddle attaches to the Buggy Board in just a few seconds and there is a handle to hold onto. The seat can also be folded down to allow the child to stand upright on the Buggy Board when he prefers.

  • Customer review

    Camilia, 03/07/2015

    I'm thrilled with the saddle and buggy board ! It makes it so much easier to take my toddler along with her young sister. When she tires of standing up she enjoys sitting on the saddle facing me. I find it the best buy so far! Although I didn't fix the saddle, I watched dad do it in seconds - click click and off we went to try it.
    We won't bother buying another buggy now, this is too much fun! Thank you :-))

  • Customer review

    CharlotteandAndyWeir,, 03/07/2015

    I got my buggy board saddle this week and it's definitely my best purchase! My 3 year old loves it! Great follow up from cheeky rascals too!!!

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase
Packaged Length (cm) 39
Packaged Breadth (cm) 13
Packaged Width (cm) 21
Safety Tested by TUV Sud, Hong Kong according to EN1888:2012 Clause 8.10.3
Product Composition Polypropylne
Washing Instructions Clean with a damp cloth
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