Your little one has finally reached the stage in his young life when he’s ready to begin potty training, and you’re ready for it. Ready to get rid of the constant need to pack changing bags for every trip you have to take outside the house and ready to no longer have to worry about accidents occurring in the middle of the night.

Before all of that comes true, though, you have to make a decision: should you use the toilet or a potty chair?

There are advantages to both. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Benefits of Using a Potty Chair

Want to use a potty chair for training? Here are some reasons it’s a good idea.

Some children are afraid of sitting on the toilet and the act of flushing the toilet. Some are scared that they’ll fall in or get sucked down like the water in the toilet. A potty chair can seem friendlier and because of that, they are much more likely to use it when they need to.

Potty chairs can come in travel forms. My Carry Potty has been designed for convenience and is just as useful as a travel potty as it is as the main potty at home. Because the lid is unique and watertight, you don’t have to worry about accidents occurring, either. You can simply close the potty chair and dispose of the contents when you have a chance.

Potty Training With a Toilet

Worried that your son or daughter won’t react well to a potty chair? Using a toilet, with the appropriate step stool and trainer seat, has its advantages as well.

You won’t have to worry about transitioning your child to the toilet later on after they become used to the potty chair. They will already understand how to use the toilet.

It may be easier for children to understand the concept of using the toilet if their potty training involves the toilet. This is especially true if they are able to view you or other members of their family in the loo.

By using the toilet only, they will be much more likely to understand that using the loo is something that is done in private.

Is your child ready for potty training? Whether you want to teach your little one how to use the loo with a potty chair or the toilet in your home, Cheeky Rascal has the tools you need and expert baby advice to make potty training simple and fun.