It’s official – Love To Dream products are “hip-healthy” as defined by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)

It’s wonderful when hard work and careful thought is recognised, so the team at Love to Dream are especially proud to announce that the award winning Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Swaddle UP 50/50 and the Nuzzlin Sleep bags have all been recognised by the IHDI as ‘hip heathy products’. They all have sufficient legroom to allow safe swaddling – where there is free movement of hips and knees.

The foetal position has a baby’s legs bent up and across one other. Straightening and constraining the legs too soon after birth can loosen the joints and cause damage to the soft cartilage of the socket –hip dysplasia. Approximately one out of every 20 full-term babies has some hip instability, and two or three per thousand will require treatment. Allowing the hips to move freely and the baby’s legs to kick and bend gives all babies the best chance of developing normally.

Many parents find that swaddling can provide comfort for babies, reduce crying and help to develop more settled sleep patterns, so it is vitally important that swaddling is done in a ‘hip-healthy’ way – tricky to achieve with traditional swaddling techniques.

The team chose a wonderfully soft and clingy fabric and designed the Love to Dream Swaddle Up and Swaddle Up 50/50 that are so easy to use that EVERY baby has plenty of room for leg and hip movement EVERY time they are swaddled. Their patented ‘hands up’ design keeps babies snug, in a natural sleeping position, and calms the startle reflex to aid better sleep. 2 way zips make nappy changes a doddle. The Love To Dream Nuzzlin, a sleep bag for older babies, is made from new generation muslin, a fabric that is soft, stretchy and sublimely comfortable as well as being extremely light and breathable. It is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin and has plenty of stretch for a super comfy fit also allowing plenty of movement for those developing legs and hips.

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