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Lascal Maxi Plus

Lascal Maxi Plus
Lascal Maxi Plus
Lascal Maxi Plus Lascal Maxi Plus Lascal Maxi Plus Lascal Maxi Plus Lascal Maxi Plus Lascal Maxi Plus
from £115.00

The BuggyBoard Maxi and Saddle seat combination will make transporting tired toddlers so much easier

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from £115.00

The BuggyBoard Maxi easily attaches to more than 99% of pushchairs, prams and strollers and with the new Saddle seat it means little ones can rest their legs on-the-go.

With Easy-Fit™ Connectors, built-in suspension, large wheels and a large anti-slip platform, the BuggyBoard Maxi is strong, durable and handles different terrains effortlessly. The BuggyBoard Maxi can even be used with or without the Saddle seat; the Saddle can even fold down and out of the way when your toddler prefers to stand.

With both comfort and practicality in mind, the advanced design of the BuggyBoard Maxi Plus makes it simple to attach (no tools needed!), ensures a steady ride for every journey, and can be easily folded* up and away when not in use this unique parenting gadget is a must-have for growing families. It even saves you money by eliminating the need for a double pushchair!

Suitable for children from 2 years-old (approx.) to 20kg/44lbs (5 years-old approx.)


  • BuggyBoard Maxi
  • Saddle seat
  • Strap & Hook
  • Easy-Fit™ Connectors
  • Extender Arms

*Saddle may need to be easily detached for it to fit behind pushchair seat when folded up – this will vary dependant on your pushchair.

Q & A's

Product Questions

Will this fit my icandy strawberry travel system?
Hi, I know that the maxi boggy board fits Stokke pushchair but I want to know if the Lascal Maxi buggy board with Saddle seat fits with Stokke as well?

Does this fit the silver cross pop?
Will the Lascal maxi plus fit the icandy apple travel system?
Hi i would like to know will this buggy board fit a Phil and Teds Smart V3 buggy?
Will this fit a Britax B-agile double stroller?
Hi. Does The BuggyBoard Maxi plus and Saddle Seat fit with my Mima Xari pushchair?
Will this fit on the iCandy Orange with twin seats?
Will this fit the silver cross wave pram?
Would this fit the Joie Muze travelsystem? or the Joie Nitro?
hi i just wondered i have a maclaren triumph buggy i just wondered would the maxi plus the one with the saddle fit this or would i have to buy a new buggy as well if so do you have a top 5 list of buggy's it will fit

many thanks
Hiya can you tell me if this fits the oyster max 2
Does this fit the mother care Genie?
Will it fit jane twone with two car seats?
Hello. I have quinny moodd so I just want to make sure that it fits on it?
Will the fit stokke xplory v5
Is this the same as the buggy board maxi? Just the plus being with the saddle?
I have an Armadillo Flip XT which will take the Maxi, but ideally want the saddle too.
What can I do to make steering my buggy easier when I’m using my BuggyBoard?
Hi does this fit a mothercare genie double
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