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Autumn is here! Keep your baby cosy and safe as the temperature cools

Here comes autumn with the promise of crunchy leaves, longer nights and crisp fresh air. Whether it’s your favourite season or you’re still sore about saying goodbye to summer, autumn dressing for both Mum and baby is all about keeping cosy without overheating. From babywearing to buggies, here’s everything you need to know about transitioning into the colder season.

Keep baby snug and close in a baby carrier this Autumn

When you’re babywearing, your little one benefits from the warmth of your body, as well as the extra layer of warmth the wrap gives them. At the same time, it’s easy to forget that their legs are exposed, and this means they may get chilly quickly. Making sure that your baby is always at a good temperature, not too cool or overheating, is really easy when you’re babywearing. With them close enough to kiss you can have plenty of snuggle stops during the day and make sure that you’re both staying cosy.

Generally, a fleece suit is better than a padded all-in-one as it offers warmth without the extra bulk. This means you can still keep a good fit with your baby wrap or carrier. At the same time, thinner layers make it easier to ensure that your baby’s airways are clear so they can breathe fully. Even in colder temperatures, the 5 babywearing TICKS still apply so make sure that you can see your baby’s face at all times and the extra winter layers aren’t covering their nose and mouth. If you are wearing a scarf to cover you and your baby, you should take care to never cover their face.

Crunch through Autumn leaves with a buggy

Though the temperatures are cooler, and rain is a bit more frequent, autumn is a lovely time for going out for walks with your little one, admiring the changing trees and the golden light. With a buggy, your little one is further away from you so make sure that they are warm enough with a hat and layers. Don’t put a scarf on your baby as there’s a danger it can cover their airways. Save that hand-knitted joy for when they’re a bit older!

You might find that having a cover for your pram is really helpful if the weather changes suddenly. The Outlook Sleep Shade is designed to give your baby happy nap times, even if you’re not at home. Not only does it have a blackout blind feature for reducing light and noise, but it also has great protection from the wind and cold. It can be easily fitted in seconds so when the weather changes suddenly you won’t be caught out.

The Mima Xari Sport buggy is a stylish yet sturdy buggy with solid tyres that can work in the rain and ice – though hopefully that feature won’t be needed for another couple of months! This is a great choice as the seasons change and Mima also have all your autumnal accessories covered too. You can choose to add a faux fur trim to your buggy, transparent wind protector and even a faux fur handmuff cover to take care of your hands too. Autumn calls for warmer layers, toasty toes and a buggy that’s ready for anything.

*Xari Sport will be arriving in December 2019

Stay cosy at nighttime

As the temperatures cool, you’ll probably be reaching for the central heating switch. However, the temperature in your baby’s bedroom may drop whilst they’re asleep. To keep them warm throughout the night, it’s important to make sure you have the right tog count for your baby’s sleep sack or swaddle. Extra blankets are not a good idea as crowding in the cot can increase the risk of SIDS.

Thankfully, there are plenty of winter-proof products available for a safe sleeptime. The Love to Dream Swaddle Up™ Winter Warm is made from 100% bamboo quilting and has an arms up design to keep your baby secure in their suit and lying on their backs, reducing the risk of rolling. See information below on how to dress your baby with each tog count, moving from a simple bodysuit to long pyjamas for cooler nights, as you need it.

That autumn feeling

With your cold weather gear sorted, you can enjoy the changing seasons and all the things that autumn brings. Keeping an eye on you and your baby’s temperature is important to keep the whole family healthy and happy through the colder months. This is easy for daytime and nighttime with a few seasonal adjustments. Now, apple picking and pumpkin carving anyone?

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