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Jahgoo Toilet Trainer Seat

Jahgoo Toilet Trainer SeatJahgoo Toilet Trainer Seat
Jahgoo Toilet Trainer Seat
Jahgoo Toilet Trainer Seat Jahgoo Toilet Trainer Seat

Was: £8.99

Now: £3.59

Ergonomically designed toilet trainer seat with non slip design.

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Was: £8.99

Now: £3.59


The transition from potty to a standard toilet can often be quite daunting to a toddler. Many are simply afraid of falling in! The Toilet Trainer Seat overcomes this fear by reducing the size of the toliet seat, helping your toddler feel sufficiently safe and secure to progress out of the potty stage.

Our Toilet Trainer Seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat, providing toddler proportions to sit on, giving them the confidence whilst using the toilet that they will not slip in.

The non slip design will mean your toddler is safe as they learn to become a big girl or boy.

Q & A's

Product Questions

What size of toilet seat does this insert fit?
  • Customer review

    Whimsie, 20/02/2017

    For the price its ok. Fits on the toilet fine although it does tend to slide around a bit. Well made and sturdy so it doesn't bend or twist. Pretty happy with it and grandson likes it.

  • Customer review

    Monkey1234, 24/01/2016

    What is not to like! Well designed, perfect fit and sturdy. My daughter loves it as it matches with the stool in the same brand and she's more comfortable in the 'big' toilet now. Would recommend. Thank you Cheeky Rascals

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase

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