Is the word ‘mumpreneur’ a backwards step for women?

Cheeky Rascals was started by a woman called Selina Russell. She’s a mum and she’s a business woman. Selina is not – and she is very clear on this – a mumpreneur. It’s quite a loaded word, we’ve noticed. Some see it as empowering and others find it belittling and sexist. Critics claim it’s essentially code for saying that you ‘tinker away in your spare bedroom while your baby is asleep’ but is that position justified?

Last week we read a great blog post by Steph Douglas on why she finds the term so ‘eggy’ but also why she feels she needs to perhaps LET IT GO and stop seeing it as negative (although it’s very clear she really doesn’t like it – very much like Selina). Perhaps we should see it as a club and seek comfort in being part of an impressive group of women, who recognise that life as a women who also happens to be a mum and who’s working for herself is just, y’know, different – and deserves a special term all of its own.


Women are more than capable of being business women and entrepreneurs, silly monikers withstanding.

Today, however, we read another fab post from Emma Wood, who is crystal clear: ‘mumpreneur’ will not pass her lips. “Why are we still defining women by their marital or childrearing status rather than by their achievements?” Good point. Women are more than capable of being business women and entrepreneurs, silly monikers withstanding.

The really important point, often overlooked (but brilliantly highlighted by Emma Wood), is whether or not we’re doing all this (cramming work in between/alongside childcare) through choice or necessity. Women are still responsible for the lion’s share of childcare and domestic graft whether they work for themselves or someone else. It’s easy to see how these rather less sexy issues can get lost in the idealised notion of a mum tip-tapping at her laptop, earning a crust, whilst her cherub peacefully sleeps a few feet away (yeah, right).

There is a way to go but what do you think of the term ‘mumpreneur’? @Emz_Wood wrote her guest post for @stillyoublog – read the full post (and lots of other great features) here:

Steph Doug recently set up – a great place to buy a truly different gift for new mums. You’ll also find her blog ‘Sisterhood (and all that)’ there too or you can tweet her @stephiedoug.