Stephanie Modell, author of The Baby Sleep Guide, has given us her 5 top baby sleep tips. Based in West Sussex (but offering her services far and wide!), Stephanie is a well-known and trusted sleep consultant and maternity nanny, offering families support and reassurance. Offering sleep consultancy as well as night nanny services, Stephanie has recently written a book titled The Baby Sleep Guide, a handbook packed with practical advice that enables parents to establish positive sleep habits from the very first days.

1. Teach your young baby the difference between night and day.

During the day, give more verbal and physical interaction, go out for walks to provide light and fresh air and don’t minimise normal daytime sounds when he’s napping. At night, keep the lights low or off, keep night feeds quiet and minimise interaction, keep his room warm and cosy but not too hot.

2. Establish a regular bed time.

Have a consistent bath and bedtime routine creating cues for sleep. Keep it short and calm, keeping the lights low and this will prepare your baby for sleep and help his natural levels of the sleep hormone, melatonin rise.