Guest post: Choosing A Puschair

Lauren from Belle Du Brighton has just had her second baby. Here she shares her thoughts on buying a buggy for your baby. 

When I first found out I was pregnant I will readily admit that a buggy wasn’t something I thought too hard about. I had absolutely no knowledge of the range of buggies out there and naively assumed they were all pretty much the same! How wrong I was! A friend of my husbands offered us one of her old buggies for next to nothing, it came with a carry cot too so job done I thought!

Fast forward to six weeks post birth and I was battling daily with a buggy that had a mind of its own! It frequently veered off to one side, took me about seven minutes to fold and un-fold and weighed a tonne even with a tiddly newborn in it! Ohm and the hood didn’t really keep the sun out and the rain cover blew off if you sighed too close to it! All in all not great and we ended up getting a fantastic buggy after a few hours pushing all sorts of prams and pushchairs round the shop!

“…make a short list and then ‘test drive’ them and see how you get on, practise folding and unfolding them, and make sure they’ll fit in your boot or under your stairs!”

Here’s what I wish someone had told me to consider:

  • Where will you be using it most? Do you go on long country walks? Use public transport? Need to get the buggy in the boot?

Your answer to these questions could be the difference between a four and a three wheeler,   and travel system and a stroller. Something with big chunky wheels that can manage on    grass? Or something with smaller wheels for nipping around shopping centres with ease?

  • Who will be using it the most?

If you’re going to be using it yourself 95% of the time and don’t mind pushing something bright and flowery then great! But if your husband or dad for example will be doing a lot of baby-pushing they might not be so keen! Also bear in mind the heights of the pram-pushers, there is a foot difference between my husband and I so he needs something with an extending handle! Also bear in mind how heavy the buggy is, can you get in the boot of the car on your own?

  •  Do you plan on having another baby close in age?

If so you might want to think about a buggy that has the option to seat a second child too, or at least be able to attach a buggy board to it so the older child can hitch a lift when they’re tired! This will save the hassle of getting another buggy down the line, you can just purchase the second seat unit instead!


  • Do you drive?

You’ll need a car seat if you do, so a travel system might be a good choice so that you can easily transport baby in the car seat for short journeys if he’s asleep. If you don’t drive then you might want to pick a buggy with a bigger shopping basket so you’re not restricted to what you can carry when you’re out and about!


My final tip would be to make a short list and then ‘test drive’ them and see how you get on, practise folding and unfolding them, and make sure they’ll fit in your boot or under your stairs!