Essential Guide to sleep
Essential Guide to sleep

The Essential Guide to Sleep is a 24- Page guide packed full on advice from Baby Expert Katie Hilton. Available with any starter packer purchase.

Meet the Expert

“All parents have their own baby sleep questions they really need anwser to. Especially at 3am in the morning when there is no one else awake to ask. How long should my baby sleep for? Can she sleep with a soft toy? Will white noise help her wake less frequently? Believe us, you’re not alone in your quest to find that magic solution. But its out there. ” – Katie Hilton

Katie is a a dual qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor with 17 years experience working with babies, children and parents. Her experience has been mainly labour delivery, postnatal and public/family health setting within both the hospital and community.

Welcome to our Essential Guide to Sleep. We really hope it will help you and your little one to get a better nights sleep!

Put the expert advice into practice and you can establish a flexible routine based on your baby or child’s natural patterns, so that you can all look forward to lots of good night’s sleep. Work your way through the booklet, starting with the section for new-borns and babies and progressing through to toddlerhood as your baby grows. We are with you every step of the way to help your little one get the sleep they need.


Meet the Expert (Page 3)

Introduction (Page 4)

Daytime Sleeping (Page 5)

Bringing Baby Home (Page 6-7)

Sleep Settling (Page 8-9)

Established a Good Bedtime Routine (Page 10-11)

Safe Sleep Tips (Page 12)

Baby Sleep (Pages 14-15)

Toddler Sleep (Pages 16-17)

Common Sleep Concerns (Pages 18-19)

Sleep Training Techniques (Pages 20-21)

Need More Sleep? SWADDLE UP (Pages 22-23)