Buying for a Newborn: What You Need in Your Changing Bag

Travelling light with a new baby is pretty much impossible: bottles, dummies, muslins, extra clothes (x 3!)…the list goes on…

Thank heavens for modern day changing bags that can look as good as your favourite handbag and have been cleverly designed to house all of that baby kit and make it accessible, even with one hand.

What to look out for in a changing bag

Pouches for wet stuff, foldaway changing mats, small zip-up or velcro bags and lots of pockets, fittings and hidey holes to stash everything you need, wherever you are a huge help. Some bags will come supplied with handy little dummy bags or snack holders and may include an insulated bottle holder – all of these WILL come in handy at some point.

Be sure to choose a wipe clean or easy to clean bag too! Faux leather can be an ideal option – it’s lighter than leather, looks good, it’s hard wearing and can be wiped clean.

Changing bag essentials – what to carry

• Nappies, baby wipes, muslins – make sure you have enough of all of these. You will never have enough of these but they are your friends. Between them they will keep bottoms dry, faces clean and clothes milk-free.

• Bottles – If you’re bottle-feeding keep a spare bottle with fresh, pre-boiled water, ready for any feeds. Pots designed to carry just the right amount of formula can also be a lifesaver.

• Amusement – Rattles, soft toys or blankies with labels and ribbons – you will need something for entertainment and distraction once your baby is past the newborn stage.

• An Extra Dummy – if you use them, keep a clean, spare one packed away. It’s known as a pacifier and soother for a very good reason.

• Sun Protection – Even if the sun doesn’t seem that bright, a new baby’s sensitive skin will feel its wrath. Protect your little ones with a hat and sun cream.

• A Book or Kindle – well, we can dream, can’t we?

Where possible, keep the load as light as you can but carry those baby essentials that make life easier. Choose from these options when you’re buying for a newborn so you and your family can have fun and be happy every time you leave the house.