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It can be frustrating when you are out shopping, in the park or days out with your little one when they desperately need the loo and there's not a public convenience in sight. The Potette Plus fold away travel potty is the perfect solution to take with you while your little one is potty training, it folds flat and is stored neatly in its own hygienic bag ready to use as soon as the need arises.

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Potette Range

The Potette Plus can be used as either a potty or a toilet trainer seat. When it is needed as a potty, simply unfold the legs to create a standard sized potty, place in a potty liner and once your little one has finished you simply remove and dispose of the liner as you would a nappy. If you want to use the Potette Plus as a toilet training seat then you simply fold the support legs out to the side creating a seat with handles to help your child feel secure, and when it's trainer seat mode it will fit all toilet seats.

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