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All Outlook shades are endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia and are designed according to Outlook's simple philosophy of protecting kids from the harmful effects of the sun, whilst still allowing them to enjoy the view, the fresh air and the sunshine. Founded in Australia in 1997 by mother-of-two Eileen Hoey-Slocombe who created the world's first high protection sun and sleep shade, the award winning shade-a-babe™.

Outlook FAQs

Why do I need an Outlook shade?
A simple stroll in the park without any form of sun protection can cause irrevocable long term damage to your child’s delicate skin. Outlook® shades help to protect your child from the sun's harmful rays when you are on the move.
The shade-a-babe™ covers the whole pushchair, and provides the most UV protection, it is the best-selling baby shade in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The solar-shade™ simply extends the shade offered by your pram stroller or car seat canopy. The Sleep-pod also covers the entire pushchair, and is designed to block out light, providing a dark, protected environment for your baby to sleep.
Is the shade-a-babe more effective than other makes?
Yes - very few sun shades provide effective protection when on the move. Traditional parasols and canopies provide very limited stroller sun protection and have to be constantly repositioned. The lower mesh on some other pushchair shades is made from a white plastic based material which actually increases glare and may trap warmth. Other shades use a solid sun-block fabric to cover the whole of the pushchair, blocking sunlight completely and preventing your child from seeing out (and you from seeing in). If the fabric is flimsy it will also tend to 'blow in' to the pram. As a result, the shade often has to be pulled back out of the way, offering no protection at all! The shade-a-babe tackles all these problems, which is why it is the No. 1 brand in Australia!
Do I need any other forms of sun protection?
For a product to provide 100% protection the shade would have to be totally made out of a full block material, inhibiting airflow and compromising baby’s safety by overheating, so shade-a-babe™ is more of a sun filter or shade rather than a full sun screen. The shade-a-babe pushchair cover has been designed so that the full block material (UPF50+) visor comes down to the level that offers maximum protection to the face/upper body and still allows good ventilation and vision. With all baby sun protection products, Outlook® recommends that shade-a-babe™ be used in conjunction with hats/sunscreens and protective clothing.
Will the sleep-pod protect my baby from the sun?
The sleep-pod is primarily designed as a well–ventilated year round sleep aid but it does offer very good protection in all seasons, including sunny, windy and cold conditions. The breathable UPF fabric blocks 94% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. When the blind is used over the mesh panel the double fabric layer offers over 99% UV protection. The single mesh layer used in the solar-screen viewing panel screens 73% of UVA and UVB rays and is designed to protect delicate eyes and skin whilst allowing good airflow and vision.
Can I wash my shade-a-babe or sleep-pod?
You are best to spot clean any marks using a mild detergent and warm water.
Can I wash my travel-comfy?
Yes. Both the wool and cotton travel–comfies are fully machine washable at 30 degrees. We recommend using a wool detergent for the wool travel–comfy.

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