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My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty

Tried and tested by toddlers and loved by mums and dads, this portable potty is lightweight, leak and odour proof and completely bag free making it quick and easy to use. Available in fun, bright colours and new animals, My Carry Potty is the only potty you will ever need – use it at home or on the go. Designed by Amanda Jenner, potty training expert and mum of three, My Carry Potty and accompanying potty training book is a complete potty training solution for toddlers.

My Carry Potty FAQs

How is My Carry Potty leak-proof?
My Carry Potty is fitted with an ingenious rubber seal and click-shut lid that provides a completely leak-proof container, so wherever your little one is caught short you can be in total control. If you use wipes or toilet paper, then make sure you put it in the base of the potty, where it cannot break the leak proof seal.
How do I clean My Carry Potty?
You can clean your My Carry Potty with hot, soapy water and spray with a sterilizer after each use. Do not use bleach on My Carry Potty. Do not immerse My Carry Potty in water.
How do I empty the contents from My Carry Potty?
When you find a convenient and suitable place to dispose of the contents, empty your My Carry Potty like any other child's potty. Simply open My Carry Potty while holding it horizontal, and pour out the contents holding it at a suitable distance and angle so you don’t get splashed, then clean it before next use.
Here are some things to check if you encounter your My Carry Potty dribbling......
Make sure the catch is fully clipped shut.
Make sure there is no dirt, or wipes/ toilet paper caught in the rubber seal and therefore breaking the seal.
Ensure that the seal has not been damaged.
Make sure there is no dirt, or wipes/ toilet paper caught in the hinge causing it to bend slightly and affect the shut position.
Ensure that My Carry Potty has not been filled beyond the maximum line.
Is My Carry Potty safety tested?
Cheeky Rascals is committed to ensuring that all our products are of the highest quality and meet all the relevant safety standards. My Carry Potty complies with the European Standard on Safety for Toys and carries the CE mark.
What is the easy way to open My Carry Potty?
The lid is designed to be slightly stiff to open to provide an effective seal and to deter toddlers, but it is easy if you try it like this;
a) Place the My Carry Potty on a flat surface with the locking mechanism facing you.
b) Press the button in and slightly upwards or twist the mechanism anti-clockwise.
c) Push your fingers gently between the 2 halves of the potty to break the seal and create a small gap, then pull apart.
Can I use My Carry Potty on an aeroplane?
The seal of My Carry Potty is so good that if it is kept shut on an aircraft, then the pressurisation that occurs at altitude may make it impossible to ever open again without damaging the potty. It is very likely that you will want to take My Carry Potty on an aircraft from time to time, and if you do, please ensure that the potty is left slightly open at take-off and throughout the flight.
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