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The Manduca 3-in-1 baby carrier really does grow with your child. From birth use the built-in infant pouch and use it as a front carrier. From approximately three months - provided baby can support its own head - a Manduca becomes a hip carrier, then from six months it's a baby back carrier. The extendable back provides great support for bigger children (up to 20kg) or extra head support for newborns and there's also a hidden head and neck support that can cradle a sleeping baby's head. Baby sling libraries and baby wearing enthusiasts swear by the Manduca range of 3 in 1 carriers, which keep babies close enough to kiss and ergonomically supported at all times.

Using a Carrier

When you have picked the baby carrier you think will work best for you always follow these safe babywearing guidelines and make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and watch their videos on how to use the carrier.

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Manduca Range

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