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Love to Dream

Love to Dream
The Love to Dream Sleep System is a brilliantly simple, yet innovative collection of baby sleep wear that can help your baby sleep better, for longer, safely. Inspired by traditional swaddling, the Love to Dream range starts with an all-in-one sleep suit that keeps newborns snug and secure in their natural “arms up” position without restricting movement or making them too warm.

Sleep Tips

For your peace of mind and the wellbeing of your baby there are a few simple steps to remember for safe sleep:

Sleep Tips

For further info see his guide from the Lullaby Trust

Safe Swaddling:

Swaddling has been proven to help babies sleep better and for longer. Giving your baby access to their hands to suck on and self-soothe may help them sleep even better with less intervention from you. Love To Swaddle UP is a really simple system for perfect swaddling every time – no wrapping involved, just zip up and go!

To make swaddling with the Swaddle UP as safe as possible please follow these steps.

1. Swaddle your baby snuggly but not too tightly, the Love To Swaddle Up should be snug around the belly and give freedom to move arms, hips and legs. The shape has been specifically designed to give plenty of wiggle and kick room and comply with Hip Dysplasia guidelines. Use our size guide to check which size your baby will need.

Size Guide


2. Check the neckline of the Love To Swaddle Up sits under your baby's chin and fits snugly around the neck, without being too loose or too tight.

3. Follow the 3 easy steps to put your baby in their Love to Swaddle Up, or watch our video.

Three Easy Steps


4. Check the temperature of your nursery and select appropriate layers for extra warm or cool nights. Love To Swaddle UP is intended to be the outer layer, so dress your baby appropriately under the Swaddle UP by following our handy temperature guide (also on the packaging).

Temperature Guide


5. Feel your baby's tummy or neck to see if he is getting too hot or too cold and adjust his bedding accordingly. This is easy with the double zips on the Love To Swaddle Up.

6. Only combine the use of the Love To Swaddle Up with a Love to Dream Inventa sleep bag or Layer-On. Other makes of baby sleep bags are not designed to work with the wngs of the Swaddle Up and may restrict arm movement, so reducing the comfort of your baby, while the sleep bag may not stay in the correct position.

7. Transition your baby out of the Love To Swaddle Up and into a 50/50 or Inventa sleep bag when your baby has learnt to roll over.

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