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Love to Dream

Love to Dream
The Love to Dream Sleep System is a brilliantly simple, yet innovative collection of baby sleep wear that can help your baby sleep better, for longer, safely. Inspired by traditional swaddling, the Love to Dream range starts with an all-in-one sleep suit that keeps newborns snug and secure in their natural “arms up” position without restricting movement or making them too warm.

Love to Dream FAQs

How does the Love to Swaddle UP work?
Is it a swaddle? Well, not in the traditional sense but it’s inspired by swaddling methods. We have taken everything that is good – a cosy, wrapped feeling that helps little ones sleep more restfully – and made it even better. So you won’t need muslins or blankets, just zip baby in and you’re done.
How many Swaddle UPs do you recommend buying and what sizes do they come in?
At least two in the appropriate size, so one can be in the wash while the other is being worn. Birth is the best time to start swaddling. Babies from 3 kg (6.6 lbs.) can go straight into a Swaddle Up. You will need to stop swaddling once your baby starts to roll.
The Love To Swaddle Up looks so small, how can my baby fit into it?
The Love To Swaddle Up is small and stretchy, specially designed to fit most babies from 3 to 11 kilos. The swaddle up stretches to almost double its size – so easy to get your baby into. It will then shrink back around your baby, providing the secure swaddled feeling that they love so much.
Being stretchy, you won’t be able to wrap your baby too tight if it is in the correct size, your baby’s circulation is able to work just as nature designed it to. The carefully engineered stretch of the fabric ingeniously expands and contracts to fit your baby. It gives your baby 360 degrees of movement, encouraging good circulation even while swaddled.
PLEASE NOTE for swaddling to be effective it must be quite snug. As your baby gets bigger the swaddle will get snugger. Remember snug and firm is good. Too tight is not right!
Please visit our Sleep Tips page for guidelines on how to properly use the Love To Swaddle Up.
Can I get the bigger size Love To Swaddle Up for my newborn and let her grow into it?
No. You must buy the correct size for the weight of your baby if they are going to enjoy that cuddled feeling, plus, you wouldn’t want your baby’s head to slip down through the head hole and risk getting overheated.
How should I dress my baby under the Love To Swaddle Up and is it safe to use a blanket
Love To Swaddle Up has been designed so that the baby is swaddled with just a single layer. This makes it much easier to adjust other layers of clothing for the room temperature, general health and physiology of your child, and so avoid the risk of overheating. The general rule of thumb is to dress your baby as you would dress yourself plus one layer, you can count the Love To Swaddle Up as that one layer. In warm weather, just a bodysuit and nappy beneath the Love To Swaddle Up will be enough. In cool weather, dress your baby in a lightweight sleepsuit and bodysuit beneath the swaddle. Make sure your baby is warm enough without them overheating, and check them regularly.
And yes, it is safe to use a blanket providing your baby is placed with their feet against the bottom of the cot. Tuck a top sheet/blanket over them up to their chest, tucking it in snugly under the mattress. Placing them at the foot of the cot reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as it helps prevent your baby from sliding down under the sheet and/or blankets, and reduces the risk of the blankets becoming untucked and tangled.
Another option if it is a cold room, is to use a Layer ON over the Swaddle Up. We have designed these product to work perfectly together, and having the special thermal regulating properties of merino wool, your baby should be able to maintain an ideal body temperature. Please see our safe Sleep Tips for further info.
Is it safe to put a baby sleep bag over the Love To Swaddle Up?
Baby Sleep Bags are not suitable for use over a Swaddle Up as the arm holes are too small to properly accommodate the wings of the Swaddle Up, and may cause the baby’s circulation to be impeded.
So for those colder nights, simply use one of our Layer Ons instead. These have the perfect sized arms holes for the Swaddle Up wings while the merino wool will keep your baby snug and war.
What material is the Love To Swaddle Up made of and is the fabric breathable?
Yes, the Love To Swaddle Up is extremely breathable as it is made of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane. When you put baby into the swaddle, you stretch the fabric which opens up tiny ventilation holes between the weave. Plus, the design of the wrap is such that only one layer of fine fabric covers the baby, helping reduce the risk of overheating and therefore the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Is it unhygienic for my baby to suck on their hands if there is fabric in between?
No, but parents should wash any baby clothing including the Swaddle Up daily or after use if it is soiled. The dyes used in the Swaddle Up have all been tested as harmless to your baby.
What is the benefit of swaddling baby with hands up rather than hands down?
Swaddling baby with hands up is the natural way that most babies sleep. Babies hands are up by their face and mouth, which gives them the opportunity to self soothe. Babies do a lot of development while they are sleeping, and having access to their hands can encourage this development. This position may also be safer for baby, as it is more difficult for them to roll over. Plus, if they accidentally flip onto their tummies they have a better chance of pushing themselves back onto their backs or pushing with their hands to free their airways. Most importantly, babies who are swaddled with their hands up and can self soothe are more likely to sleep better and longer! Isn't this what all parents dream about?
Do you recommend using the Love To Swaddle Up when my baby starts to roll?
We strongly recommend that parents stop swaddling when their baby starts to roll, as per SIDS and Kids guidelines. Parents should not use any swaddling product which restricts the baby's arm movements, as without use of their arms, rolling poses a suffocation risk.
But the Love To Swaddle Up is not a traditional swaddle. Your baby's arms are up and able to move, so if your baby does inadvertently roll, they should be able to use their hands and arms to reposition their heads and release their airways.
Is the Love To Swaddle Up safe to use in the car and can I transfer my baby in the swaddle from his cot to the pram without unwrapping him?
Yes, it is possible as there is a handy buckle access hole at the back of the garment. Just pop the belt buckle through this hole, unzip the front zip slightly from the bottom, feed the buckle between your baby’s legs and out of the Swaddle Up to the front. You will then be able to properly fasten the car seat harness. You won’t need to unwrap your baby in the process so you can move seamlessly from cot to car seat to pushchair.
PLEASE NOTE: It is not recommended that babies are left in a moulded car seat for too long – but hopefully you will be able to get them home this way without disturbing them!
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