There are so many options when it comes to buying potty training kit, that it can be hard to choose the right items for you and your little one. Don’t feel pressurised in to buying every single product out there, lots of them will end up gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. The key is to choose items that are multi-functional so that they adapt to help with the different stages of potty training.

What is a Potty Training Seat?

A potty training seat is a handy toddler sized seat that fits on top of an adult toilet seat to help your little one feel safe and secure while they learn to use the toilet. This is an ideal interim step between potty training and being able to use the toilet unaided, but lots of families choose to skip the potty stage altogether and go straight to a training seat instead.

Potty training seats are less messy than a traditional potty because your little one goes straight on the loo, there is no emptying or cleaning required, you simply flush the chain. It also saves you having to store a big bulky potty so it is the perfect solution for families who are short on space. You might want to purchase a step to sit under your toilet if you decide to start toilet training straight away, as your little one may be too short to reach their potty training seat unaided.

The only downside of a potty training seat is transporting it when you go out and about, as no one wants to be carrying around a loo seat on a day trip! That is where the Potette Plus works wonders. This ingenious solution folds down in to its own compact carry bag which allows you to store it conveniently and hygienically in your handbag, car or buggy. When your little one needs to use it, you simply unfold the legs in to their horizontal position and then the Potette fits snugly on to any toilet seat, whether you are at home or out and about.