Got that Monday feeling? Take a moment out of your day to read these hilarious real Mums stories about potty training. We asked five Mums to share their funniest potty-training memories, we guarantee you will be smiling by the time you’ve finished reading….

Splash Back Situation!

“My little one was taking his time, having a relaxing potty experience and as a result had been sat for a while, long enough for the removable part of the seat, to get gently suctioned to his legs.

Whilst on my knees next to him, I asked him to stand up so I could wipe his bottom. The seat stuck to his legs for a matter of seconds but released and dropped down to create a swirling motion in the potty bowl and for a considerable backsplash of, what can only be described as a cocktail of substances, to fly up into my face and possibly mouth.

"for a considerable backsplash .. to fly up into my face and possibly mouth"

Let’s just say, he quickly progressed to the toilet where backsplash was not an issue! “

Shared by Katia, a mum of two boys from Hampshire.

The Great Escape!

“When I was potty training my daughter, we were going on holiday to Cornwall which meant a 6 hour drive and if any of you have done the A303 journey you will know that the services are a bit hit and miss. We stopped at one that was particularly bad because she said she needed to do a wee and because I didn’t want to use the nasty toilets that were there, we got the potty out the boot and put it on the back seat of the car for her to go in the privacy and warmth of the car rather than outside in the car park – BIG MISTAKE!

It turned out that our darling daughter needed a poo rather than a wee but that wasn’t the end of our problems. When she stood up after finishing, the potty was stuck to her bottom and it promptly fell off splashing wee all over the back seat and to my horror, the poo rolled along the back seat and on to the floor in to the footwell of the car and continued to roll under the driver’s seat!

"the poo rolled along the back seat and on to the floor"

The look of utter panic on my husband’s face is one I will never forget as he saw the damage to his car seats and the carpet but now we always look back and laugh about this horrendous moment, it was by far the funniest thing that’s happened to us as parents!

Shared by Emilie, a mum of two from Surrey.