Baby Essentials for Your Wish List

Baby Clothes

  • With so many different products available today for your new baby, it can be hard to really know what you need and what is simply a nice extra to have. If you're expecting, creating a wish list of what you can't live first is essential. Then, you can add in a few of the items you don't necessarily need, but would love to have. Not sure where to begin? Check out this new baby checklist.

  • When buying for a new baby or creating a wish list, choose at least six body suits or vests. They can be worn on their own or even under their all-in-ones.

  • During the winter, two cardigans and a coat are needed to keep your baby safe and warm. Make sure to choose a coat that isn't too thick, though, so your new baby doesn't become too hot.
  • A soft, cosy hat or beanie is something that every baby needs during the winter. These hats can also come in handy when summer weather is cooler or the baby is born premature.



  • When it comes to newborn essentials, there aren't many items that are important as nappies. Newborns have to have their nappies changed at least 10 to 12 times every day. Buy enough for at least the first few days after the baby comes home, along with wet wipes and nappy sacks.

  • If you and your partner decide that you will be using reusable nappies, make sure you have at least 15 purchased for your newborn.

  • Whether you're using disposable or reusable nappies, invest in a nappy bin and bin liners. This bin will help keep bad smells at bay, while holding the nappies until they can be thrown away or washed.



  • For breastfeeding mums, a nursing bra is invaluable. Make sure to choose one that offers plenty of support, but is also soft and breathable enough that you can wear it all day long without complaint.

  • For mums who are bottle-feeding, bottles, bottle brushes, teats, and a steriliser will be vital, making it easy and safe for you to feed your baby.


Newborn Essentials


Newborns need a Moses basket or a cot to sleep in when they first come home. If you choose to have her sleep in a cot, you'll need a fitted bottom sheet, sheets, and cellular blankets. If she is going to sleep in a Moses basket, you'll need pram-sized blankets and at least three or four sheets.

In addition to this, your baby will benefit from a lightweight swaddle wrap that will help her feel secure and cosy during the night. This will help her develop excellent sleeping habits and keep her in the correct sleeping position.


Travelling With Baby

When it comes to buying for a new baby, travel may not always be immediately on your mind, but you'll be ready to get out of the house and show her off before you know it. Because of this, you'll need a few newborn essentials:

  • A pram, pushchair, or buggy that has been built to be suitable for newborns
  • Accessories for these items, like rain covers and solar shades that will help protect your baby from weather and the sun's rays

  • A rear facing car seat, or a pushchair travel system that has a detachable car seat on it.

  • Sun and sleep shades that make travelling in the car easier and safer for baby

Once you have these items on your wish list, don't feel like you need to stop. There are plenty of other baby products available today that can make your life easier.