My name is Jennie and I am a mother of five from Kent. My eldest two are boy / girl twins born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation and now racing toward their 8th birthday. In 2012 Matilda Mae was born and sadly she died in 2013 aged 9 months. We have been blessed with two rainbows- a feisty toddler who is almost 4 and our last baby, the final piece of our puzzle, Edie Mae, who is now 10 months old. It is with Edie that I have discovered and used the Meelight.

What were your very first thoughts after your baby was born?

I was so relieved after a long uneventful hospital stay to finally have my baby. Edie's birth was quite quick and straightforward once underway. A fourth labour meant I knew what i was doing, my body knew what it was doing but I was still so happy, relieved and proud to have my baby girl in my arms. As I looked at her I knew then that I was done, our family was completed, the final perfect piece of our puzzle had arrived.

What was your biggest challenge in the first few weeks with your baby?

Once the physical pain subsided, the battle with guilt began and that mummy guilt, never goes away.  I felt guilty about everything! Guilty that we were away so long having Edie, guilty that my husband had to do so much at home and was not able to work, guilty that life had to change for our older children, guilty about the effects of a new baby. Change is hard even when it is most wanted. Parenting is hard, it is both the greatest blessing and the hardest thing I have ever done.

Before the birth, had you considered how you would see to feed and care for your baby at night?

In 2013 Matilda Mae died of SIDS and since that night I have been afraid of the dark, I cannot sleep in a pitch black room. I have used various lights in the room and often had to leave the bathroom or hall light on. My need for light had led to disturbed sleep for my husband until we discovered the Meelight. Before we got the Meelight, my plan had been to leave a nightlight on the bedside table and keep it on all night.

What night time activities have you used your Meelight for apart from feeding?

Each night when I go upstairs to clean my teeth, I turn the Meelight on to the brightest setting. After feeding, I keep the Meelight on to settle us into a safe and comfortable co-sleeping position and then I leave the light on all night, on the low setting so that I can see Edie as soon as I wake. I take the light off the stand and keep it in the bed with us, just by my hand so I can always reach it and push to make it brighter to see Edie better.

How did you come to know about Meelight?

As a blogger part of my job is to test products and review them on my blog- this is how I was introduced to the Meelight, 10 months ago, and we have used it every single night, home and away.

Do you leave Meelight on the dimmest setting as a night light?

Yes, every night.