Simple nightshift facts:

  •  •  Babies and children wake up at night
  •  •  It’s dark at night
  •  •  Parents need to see what they’re doing without turning the main light on
  •  •  We all need to get back to sleep!

 “So, what’s the best way for parents to see to feed and care for baby in the dark?”

“And what do children do when they’re older and still need a bit of light in their night time lives?”

 It was her personal experience as a mum of three, that led Julia Kelly to design Meelight. Like many new mums she struggled to see well enough to latch-on and breastfeed each of her babies at night.

Although seeing to breastfeed at night led to the initial ‘lightbulb’ (ha ha!) moment, it became clear that Meelight is the perfect night light to see to do all sorts of baby care things at night, from bottle feeding and nappy changing to a reassuring cuddle.

We all know it’s so hard to fumble around in the dark with a newborn when you’re sleep deprived, so a bit of gentle light on any of those night time jobs is a necessity. Thankfully, Meelight’s soothing soft golden glow is just enough to help you see what you’re doing and helps everyone settle back to sleep quickly, without being fully woken or over-stimulated by bright light. And as Meelight’s wearable, you can be hands-free for those tricky night time tasks - making life on the nightshift easier for the whole family – what’s not to like?!