What were your very first thoughts regarding toilet training?

The thought of potty training twins terrified me and like everything, I really felt I had no idea what I was doing!

What were your biggest challenges when toilet training?

Firstly, I didn’t know whether to train the twins together or separately, what would be easier and when the best time to start was. You read and hear so much about how ‘my little one was dry at a year’, it felt like the pressure of training two was really on.

What did you think you needed to start toilet training?

I decided fairly quickly that I was going to potty train when we were all ready and not worry what everyone else thought and I’ll be honest and say that I kept putting potty training off. There was always something in the way and I just really couldn’t face it. I thought that just after the girls turned two that I should start to do something.

Was there any help out there for you to turn too?

There are always lots of forums on Facebook to ask other people’s opinions and I often turn to twin pages to ask for advice. I find speaking to others that are going through the same as you, is always a massive help. I also turned to ‘The Potty Training Academy’ for advice as their resources were very child friendly and I wanted something that the girls would connect with.

When did you first hear about My Carry Potty/ Potty Training Academy?

I heard about My Carry Potty and Potty Training Academy when the twins had just turned 2. I was looking for some visual aids to help me and guide me through the training and these products were perfect.

We heard about My Carry Potty on Facebook about a month into starting potty training and The Potty Training Academy not long after. 

Popitha twins my carry potty

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