What were your very first thoughts regarding toilet training?

My first thoughts of potty training were, how on earth do I do it with 3? When out and about with one, that’s not too difficult but with 3 toddlers, that’s a real mission.

What were your biggest challenges when toilet training?

The biggest challenge was deciding to do all 3 at the same time. I didnt want to 'choose' one, finish then start all over again with the next one.

What did you think you needed to start toilet training?

As a mum of 6 I knew I needed potties, a step and maybe a training seat. I had seen people saying there was a 'portable potty' and I thought that might be helpful when we were out.

Was there any help out there for you to turn too?

I didn't actively look for any help as such in the beginning.  However, I came across the Potty Training Academy on Instagram and thought their pack may help us on our journey.

When did you first hear about My Carry Potty/ Potty Training Academy?

We heard about My Carry Potty on Facebook about a month into starting potty training and The Potty Training Academy not long after. 

Piplets together in the woods

Piplets together in the supermarket